Monday, February 28, 2011

Trading Skill Calculation

The most skill EXP you can gain from buying goods in a single transaction is 20.  However, as you level your skill up, you'll have to buy more and more goods just to get that 20 skill exp.  Here's how the formula works.

Skill level x 20 = Target Goods to buy for Max skill exp

As you can see, at level 1, buying 20 of type of good will give you the full 20 skill exp.  If you buy 40 at once, you'll only get 20 skill exp.  When you reach level 2, you need to buy 40 of a type of good to get 20 skill exp, buying 20 will just give you 10 skill exp, and buying 60 will only give you 20 skill exp.

A sample situation: let's say, 40 Dutch Calico to get max skill exp for your level 2 Fabric Trading, but there's 120 available?  Buy 40 Dutch Calico, complete the transaction, then buy another 40, complete the trade, then buy the last 40.  The total skill exp that you gained would be 60 out of that!  If you'd bought it all in one you'd only get 20 skill exp.  This is usually only possible with high quantity goods, but in a port where there's many different goods of the same type, you can use it to your advantage as well.

And that is the last thing to remember about the formula.  It cares about the total you're purchasing of a given type, not of each actual trade good.  If you're a level 2 Ore Trading and can buy both Iron and Copper Ore in the same town, if you buy 40 Iron Ore and 40 Copper Ore at the same time, you'll still only get 20 skill exp.  Buying 40 Iron Ore in one transaction, then 40 Copper Ore in the second one, will get you the full 40 skill exp.

Always remember the formula and use it to your own benefit.

Hope this might help! Happy Trading!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Ship History in UWO

While playing Uncharted Waters Online and had some time to take a break from leveling my sewing skills. I thought of the ships that I rode from the beginning of my quest to explore the world. I bought some quite cheap ships from players that are selling it in town. It helped me max level my cooking skills because if you are a cook you need a big ship hold for your goods. Here are the list of my ships from the very first up to the current. I'm going to give also some experience from what I can remember using them.

Trading Barca

This is the beginner's ship, its free and granted to those who those the path of a merchant. I used it for a very long journey. It helped me gained my 1st million in UWO by selling spare sail in Amsterdam while having a trade route in Den Helder.

Transport Small Caravel

My 2nd ship which I needed to increase the ship hold for the goods I could carry and lessen my travel time while trading from one country to another.

Trading Caravel

I used this ship for a very long time. This was the ship I used in reaching my cooking skill into max (Rank 10). This is also my ship when I graduated in Merchant Class.

Trading Galley

I bought it because it was a boat that requires rowing and so I thought of having a rowing skill will increase the speed of my ship and make fast transaction to any country I want but the downside was you need to have more men which doubles that consumption of food and water and more ducats will be spent.


With its bigger ship hold. I journey to the Caribbean using this but I was not alone I tagged along with my friends which are faster. The ship has a big hold but slow in the waters needed the help of faster ships to reach its destination in a reasonable time.

Trading Pinnace

I only bought this ship because it has 28 cannon slots which I needed to increase my maritime while still trading on the Western Europe area. Also, I needed to increase my maritime level in order for me to rode my Trading Sambuk.

Trading Sambuk

Its the ship I'm currently using its fast and has a good hold for my trade goods but it only has 10 cannon slot which I really don't need since I'm focusing on trading. It helped me increase my casting skill to maximum (Rank 10). Now, I'm currently in Northern Europe increasing my sewing level and after that I will be going to India to continue with sewing.

Well, that is all for now still more to come when I reached India. I also need to increase my levels in order to rode more powerful ships. 'till next time! 


Friday, February 25, 2011

UWO's Secrets (Part.2)


I'm putting off penetration for one reason from here. 

accuracy/reload/ballistics gain proficiencies based on number of cannon (slot) you hit whereas penetration gains based on damages you are dealing.

So, penetration is harder to power level compared to other 3. It is said to be more efficient to rank up 3 which ranks up with the same conditions, then rank up penetration with high accuracy/reload or high accuracy/ballistics with good cannons.

The quest you want for this is 104k quest from Tunis (requires R5 gunnery so get someone to help you introduce you the quest if you do not have R5 gunnery). We just want enemies with higher armor so we can keep shooting them without finishing the battle. (+ their shots are week and week in melee so you can reduce their numbers if you want.)

The ship you want will be adv galleon or B.Galleon or T.Galleon. You just need falcon( 8 ) or falcon(2) b/c falcons have high reload and speed (which is accuracy of your shots to give you more proficiencies) and low damage (so you won't kill your precious enemies).

The ideal class is certainly canoneer. If you are not lvl 28 yet then you should get there as quick as possible before you start doing this.

Trading skills -

Im not going to talk much details here but this is a good time to training your trading skills at loss. Like you can trade between Jamaica and Santiago for gold dusts continuously without bothering to bring them back to EU. 

This is also a good time to train account skills so better to do more short-distance tradings than long-distance tradings.

Monday, February 21, 2011

UWO's Secrets (Part.1)

Evasion/Repair/Rescue/Firstaid -

you get proficiencies on evasion when you dodge shots with evasion on. So the conditions to maximize the efficiencies will be...

1. more enemy ships
2. enemy shots are low in accuracy (no skill + low speed cannons)
3. You boost evasion
4. put cannon evasion figureheads
5. enemy shots shooting against the wind direction. (you can dodge more this way)

the best condition to meet 1 and 2 is considered to be a quest from Rio. The enemies are 10 galleys without any cannon skills with fire cannons. (fire cannons have lower speed which is accuracy)

for 3, you should be able to boost 2 at least. 

for 4, you need to buy tons of them from Calicut. To reduce the damage on your figurehead, you should have cheap armors and cannons (like cedar plate + falcon( 8 )

for 5, you need to see the wind direction when the battle starts and position yourself on the edge of the battlefield and continuously getting hit without killing any enemies. The best ship for this is galleon. (T.Galleon or B.galleon or adv galleon any will do) You should only load lumbers to repair yourself while doing this.

The best class for doing this is body guard. 

This is a sample data for someone who did this for 17 hours in Rio.

Evasion 4 (750) > 13(10991)
Rescue 4 (1550) > 7(136)
First Aide 8 (1250) > 11(1938)
Repair 11 (800) > 12(7244)

During this time, you will get this in 9 hours or less if you have 30% prof up. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Captain's Log] World Stories_ Why Explore?

Source: [Captain's Log] World Stories_ Why Explore?

Captain Anjel's Log                                
by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

February 6th, 1495

Greetings voyagers! I’m taking a respite from traveling the oceans to reminisce about some of the people I’ve met on my travels. You see within the world everyone has a story and on a grander scale, every nation has a story. Highlighted by various personalities that you interact with, it provides a diversion from the trials and tribulations found out in the wide world. Working for your nation is rewarding in many ways, and you can encounter some interesting situations as you interact with some of the prominent figures in your nation’s capital and beyond.

Many of these encounters cover a broad range of activities and will provide experience in various areas, from battle to exploring and so on. In my case, meeting with the nobles of Venice, I’ve gone on to explore and find a new discovery, I’ve battled the Turks, and I’ve traveled to Africa and beyond. There were times when my skills were tested, and times when it was simply running from place to place to find someone or deliver something.

These activities can be challenging or simply a nice diversion from the levelling to make a side trip to a distant port. The rewards however are worth taking the time to pursue them. Ranging from experience, fame, money, and even maps or recipes, the time put in eventually leads to the Imperial Quests as well as opening up the world to greater and grander adventures.

Even during the course of some of these adventures I’ve gained or heard of other voyagers gaining special nation specific clothing or items that enhance or add to the experience gained from completing the tasks placed upon them by the personalities they encounter. The break from completing guild quests, or traveling from port to port selling your trade items, even sinking all those dratted pirates make the effort well worth it, and the compensation even for the smallest of tasks can be very rewarding.

So get out there and explore not only the world by your nation’s capital, you might come across someone in need of your help that will lead you to experience something new and different in the course of your adventures. You can always track your progress, or figure out where you are go next by checking your adventure journal under “Events”. Even the greatest of explorers can be lost or go in the wrong direction and need some assistance in finding the next port of call. Overall all get out there and explore and discover what waits in the service of your nation, or to simply help a possible patron noble!

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti

Official Site: 

More articles of Captain AnjelusX @

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[Captain’s Log] Crafting and You

Source:  [UWO Captain’s Log] Crafting and You

Captain Anjel's Log                                
by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

January 24th 1495

Ahoy, I’ve written quite a bit so far on my various voyages and the many things I’ve learned. I’ve tried my hand at various jobs, gone exploring for treasure, battled pirates, and engaged in trade. During my turn building ships and preparing to make for the New World, I’ve also dabbled in the diverse experience that is crafting. One of the more expansive systems to be involved in there are several avenues of getting your hands dirty and making items for your own benefit or for sale to others. Taking a cue from what I’ve seen other voyagers accomplish and my own experimenting, I found that crafting can be rewarding not only in building items I might otherwise have to search town after town for. Crafting is also a lucrative way to make some money while I’m in port on shore leave.

To begin with there are several forms of crafting, from simple food production to the making of weapons, clothing, cannons, figureheads, and of course general items. While in the beginning, the items might not be noteworthy or really profitable. With persistence and determination, you can achieve levels of skill to begin making some decent and eventually really good gear. Even at the start, making food might not be profitable, it certainly helps to keep your Vigour replenished so you can continue to craft and level your crafting skills.

Crafting is broken down into the following skills, each having their own required materials, trade goods, and recipes. They are Cooking, Storage, Sewing, Casting, Handicrafts, and Alchemy. Cooking as I mentioned is all about making food, which as your level grows and you gain more advanced recipes, the amount of Vigour restored by consuming the food increases. Cooking is pretty straight forward, as you gain the ingredients by purchasing them from various towns and obtain recipes you can really start making some quality food that is both useful but also profitable when sold compared to the pricing in the Taverns. Storage is somewhat related to this as it converts fish into storage food which is handy to have on hand. Storage also lowers the chances of having items stolen should you lose a battle or the loss of durability on inactive items in your inventory.

Sewing, of course is the production of clothing, ranging from the early hats, tops, bottoms, shoes and so on, but also sewing is useful with the right recipes to craft new sail equipment. Building the right sails which are then added to your ship can increase the speed and turning performance, again at a lower cost than buying them directly as the ship yard. You can eventually make special clothing or sail attachments that might night not otherwise find in stores through obtained levels and recipes.

Likewise, Casting is all about the crafting of weapons, such as swords, guns, throwing knives and so on. But also the crafting of cannons, which as you progress allows you to make better and better weapons and cannons, and for cannons, larger sets of one type or another. Really good Casters are always in demand as they might be producing weapons or cannons that are not readily available for some players, which can in turn generate some good money for the Casters. Casting also produces stern-castles and other combat related ship parts.

Handicrafts, is more of a utility type of crafting, creating things ranging from items like deck brushes, to figureheads for your ships, furniture for your residence, and as a Handicrafter grows, they can discover new and interesting avenues of creation, such as Gem cutting and more. There are several possible uses for a Handicrafter and while they may not overly profitable, there is still money to be made.

Lastly is Alchemy, which is a more complex type of crafting in which special and rare equipment is produced. While Alchemy is a lucrative skill to pursue, it is by no means an easy one and is not a beginning skill to be sought after as it is suited for higher level voyagers and not available until later levels of both skills and job category.

All in all there is much to be made and an enterprising crafter can find new and interesting items and gear to create, plan out routes to obtain the required items and always be on the look out for recipes that will bring in even bigger and better crafting options. I’ve found if I am going to actively pursue crafting I may continue to focus on casting or sewing as equipment will be much more important and expensive later on in levels.

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti

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Strengtening Ship Skills Part One:

Strengthening ship skills

Strengthening ship skills
【Explanation】 Strengthening ship
The first chapter (La Frontera) revision pm. The first chapter (La Frontera) revision pm. 
Into a new ship (the ship with a combination of various materials) and the old ship (originally the old shipwrights, free material composition) strengthened. Into a new ship (the ship with a combination of various materials) and the old ship (originally the old shipwrights, free material composition) strengthened. 
Spice Islands Chapter ship will be open special skills enhancement, will be free in most of the provisions of the vessel with the desired skills (can only add one, the second will be overshadowed by the first.) Spice Islands Chapter ship will be open special skills enhancement, will be free in most of the provisions of the vessel with the desired skills (can only add one, the second will be overshadowed by the first.) 
Strengthen the ship will return the maximum durability 『』. Strengthen the ship will return the maximum durability.

Ship skills to put up dedicated most durable 』『 will not resume. Ship skills to put up dedicated most durable 』『 will not resume.
【strengthen the skills of boat Introduction】 Strengthening ship skills
When the relative level of skills should be higher, the higher the effect of strengthening the ship skills. When the relative level of skills should be higher, the higher the effect of strengthening the ship skills. 
Ex. The weight of artillery fire, when the weapons and technologies than 10 weapons technology to launch 2 launch is also strong. Ex. The weight of artillery fire, when the weapons and technologies than 10 weapons technology to launch 2 launch is also strong. 
Profile: In addition to using its enhanced vessel that hung up the skills but can use special skills attached to the ship vessels.Profile: In addition to using its enhanced vessel that hung up the skills but can use special skills attached to the ship vessels. 
Effect Commentary: Effects Commentary: 
【2: large soaking, 3: sail completely destroyed, 4: large soaking + sail completely destroyed, 5: completely damaged rudder and 6: large soaking + sail + rudder completely destroyed completely damaged. Sabotage】 【2: large soaking, 3: sail completely destroyed, 4: large soaking + sail completely destroyed, 5: completely damaged rudder and 6: large soaking + sail + rudder completely destroyed completely damaged. Can not be repaired before the end of the fighting.Can not be repaired before the end of the fighting. 
】 【Cast net fishing, gathering, visual recognition +1. 】 
【Cast net fishing, gathering, visual recognition +1. 
Banquet entertainment room】 【+1. Banquet entertainment room +1. 

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[Captain's Log] The New World Awaits

 Source:  [Captain's Log] The New World Awaits

Captain Anjel's Log                                
by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

January 17 1495

The world has changed, and it’s an exciting change indeed for voyagers to explore and discover a new horizon has been opened for us to venture out into. Central and South America has been opened for us to explore and discover what new wonders await any hearty soul willing to put in the work and effort to reach the New World. Called upon by our various nations through great Imperial Quests we can work our way to seek entry to the newly expanded areas of the now known world.

There is a great variety of new discoveries to be made, cities to explore, and even more quests awaiting those who put their adventuring soul forward to traverse the ocean and meet the challenges. I myself have been hard at work to prove myself worthy of the opportunity to make the journey, completing tasks set upon me by the Doge, working with the great sailors of Venice to open up the way for our nation to grow strong and become a power on an even grander scale. Racing out to defeat pirates or carry out the missions given us to fulfil the requirements is a tireless effort, once for which we and any sailor worth his salt is well and able to manage.

Reclaiming land and building cities that will shine for our nation on those distant shores is a concerted effort. We have within our power to shape the nature of our presence in the New World. Through investment, growth, and development, we all have an effect on the changes found within these new cities. Eventually these cities will become a shining jewel in the crown of our individual nation’s sphere of influence. Through the hard work and dedication of our nation’s stalwart adventurers, merchants, and naval forces, we can have a real impact on our future. Allowing us to open up new opportunities, new items to be found, and so much more.

Along with the changes in the world, the docks have opened up to allow us to keep a vessel on hand should we decide to crew and maintain an extra for various needs. For myself I find keeping a good cargo vessel in supply and well cared for a definite asset for when I tire of exploring and combat and wish to enjoy the pleasures of economic engagements and crafting new materials. Coupled with new original ship permits, and the ability to memorize my more well used and loved recipes for crafting makes the work spent on Imperial Quests even more attractive as I gain Patriotic Points in the service of my nation. These Patriotic Points to be spent on memorizing recipes, having space to let my other vessel rest and restore, or simply gaining a new original ship to build.

The world of the Aztec’s call out to all brave and bold voyagers, with the New World awaiting, we can now extend beyond ourselves, working through the story of our nation’s people to open up levels beyond what we thought were possible and going even further than we have dreamed. I look forward to engaging further into the world that awaits and will enjoy seeing the many voyagers who will be making their own valiant plunge into the New World!

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Basic information you need for Shipbuilding.

Uncharted Waters OL --- production

The basis of common sense】 【Shipbuilding
  • Proficiency = (level + shipbuilding shipping total number of days) X8.5 / (Shipbuilding Lv +1) (decimal points rounded down)
  • Can be combined shipbuilding Rating = (shipbuilding LvX5) +9
  • Ship Information
  • Wood selection
  • Shipbuilding experience
  • Laminated Boat
  • Special shipbuilding materials
    • Prices of basic shipbuilding: NPC selling price × 0.6
    • Material changes in the price: (NPC selling price × 0.6) × price coefficient of material
    • Price plus or minus the number of spaces: ((NPC selling price × 0.6) × material price coefficient) × rate of addition and subtraction module
      Assuming 15% increase cabin is × 1.15 (without considering shift change)
    • Adjust artillery: general ship in about 1000 to about 20,000 (all prices are different for each vessel, and no clear understanding to the analysis, it temporarily unable to provide)
    • Floating Price:
      • Ship waiting time (Taiwan made a cover of 8.9 times. Others can be precious or pepper the trip back)
      • To be dissolved when the crew of the ship changes (decrease training and loyalty) and the cost of re-added the sailor
      • Shipbuilding and other craftsman-made training costs and the time when the burning vessel (the second half of the investment cost will be for instructions)
      • Other charges: Banks lead put the saw storage fees, ship at sea waiting for, the required consumption of water, food and cope with loss of the props required for the disaster, physical, sailors casualties, and equipment durability when encountered at lower interest loss
    • Material:
      There are 10 kinds of vessels available materials, except with the speed will affect the durability will also affect the price, and the shipbuilders have to look at the degree level and the regional development can be determined by the material (only a few areas have a lot of material, good material than the shipyard will several times more expensive to sell and, if special materials to before you purchase a small computer to count)
    • Example illustrates: (A set of game content relationship, the actual value will be less with the direct conversion of the value of 1 or 2)
      • NPC to sell the small Arabian boat
        Durability 160, 240 vertical sail, square sail 25, the shipyard price 360000
        Election is made of teak, the teak trim coefficient of 110% of the endurance factor of 105% finishing rate of 160% of the price factor
      • Adjusted for small Arab boat
        Durability 176 (= 160 × 110%), vertical fan 251 (= 240 × 105%), transverse fan 26 (= 25 × 105%)
        Price 345600 (= 360000 × 0.6 × 160%)
  • Adjust the shipping room, gun room
    • Requirements & Concepts
      • Shipbuilding Level 5 (with 4 +1) or more, and can use the ship who can talk with the port boat maker and gun room change the number of crew
      • Both increase and decrease in some of the warehouse will directly affect the number of (a crew member is to reduce the number to increase the number of a warehouse)
    • Formula
      • Boat Room (crew): The minimum number of crew members the basic value × 120% ~ 150% change between
        Minimum value: the minimum required number of × 120% crew
        The maximum value: the number of × 150% of basic crew
      • Gun Room: basic values at 50% ~ 150% change between
        The maximum value: 50% of the basic values
        Minimum value: 150% of basic value
    • For example: Business cover round sailing
      NPC selling value: Ship Room 70, Room 30 guns, storage 580, the minimum required number of 45 crew members
      • Adjustment of the minimum crew: 45 × 120% = 54 the boat room 54, room 30 guns, storage 596
        The crew to adjust the maximum: 70 × 150% = 105, Room 105, the boat, gun chamber 30, storage 545
      • Gun Room adjusting the minimum: 30 × 50% = 15 vessels Room 70, Room 15 guns, storage 595
        Gun room to adjust the maximum: 30 × 150% = 45 vessels Room 70, Room 45 guns, storage 565
      • At the same time adjustment of the minimum
        Adjustment of the minimum crew: 45 × 120% = 54 people
        Gun Room adjusting the minimum: 30 × 50% = 15
        Boat Room 54, Room 15 guns, storage 610

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aide skill information.

Note: Just refer to the skill images  so you'll know what skill it is referring in UWO (Global)

Aide employed:
  • Hire an aide to 100,000 D.
  • First aide employed, players adventure, trade, grades should be a battle to reach Lv20.
  • Employ second lieutenant, the player's adventure, trade, grades should be a battle to reach Lv40, first lieutenant, have reached a level Lv20.
  • 】 【CH.1 revision → players have to buy three apartment (1 person 2 people onboard standby).
  • 【CH.3 revision →】 4 senior apartments player upgrade LV.3 (2 persons onboard standby 2).
  • Fired aide, will lose all the experience points.

○ aide 

  • Grant skills: the player has a skill level +1.
  • Adjutant skills: aide-specific skills. (Characteristic of high engine high skill level is higher).
  • Language skills: Which position as adjutant Jieyou effect. (Except Latin Ka Erte outside the ancient Egyptian language is
Adjutant skills

Long navigation
Skills grantsSail parade, rescue, surveying, geography, survival, supplies, banquet, courtship, navigation technology
Return flight, sea
Can automatically return to flight XX waters. 
In the terminal use the command, the ship can not have trade goods, departure port and destination port to be the same waters.
Against the wind in the first place.
Guard against waves and waves of horizontal in the first place.
Prevent algae in the first place.

a lertmembers
Skills grantsVisual recognition, search, ecological surveys, acquisition, scheduling, fishing, camp, lock, found mine 
Steering, evasive, lookout, throwing technique
XX of the NPC can communicate. Each time interval of 10 days. 
Degree of success down the hostile intimacy can increase the failure may go to war with his country NPC.
All sorts of information access to other roles. Each time interval of 10 days. 
(Target qualified
NPC raid to the sea. Each time interval of 10 days. 
To get a boat confusion and increase the probability of rare items (limited to stateless vessels NPC).

Skills grantsPrecious metals trading, trading spices, art sale, crafts sale, sale of textiles 
Spice trading, precious stones trade, accounting, cooking, sewing, casting, processing, storage, management
Production support
Production skills can be used to reduce consumption of mobility. 
Action force production by the 5 → 4.
Production Appointment
Can be specified in the offshore production of goods. 
Vessels to sail in the same consumption and production of mobility.

Skills grantsFood sales, liquor sales, archeology, fiber sales, dyes sale, religion, livestock trading 
Ore trade, biology, arms trading, trading hobby, art, grocery sales, sale of firearms 
Treasure prison setting, pharmaceuticals trading, trading spices, industrial products, sales, use, Kaer Te language 
Latin, Hebrew, ancient Egyptian language, body language
Prevent unhealthy in the first place.
Prevent fire in the first place.
Order goods
Collapse in the first place to prevent loading of the goods.
The emergence in the first place to prevent rodent infestation.

Bing Long
Skills grantsFencing, defense, assault, artillery, ballistics, the level of fire, rapid fire, through, shooting 
Tactics, sniper technique, application sword, weapons technology
Defense artillery
Artillery shelling to reduce the damage suffered.
Shell enhancement
Increase their own power to make shells.
Make enemy soldiers during wartime 1-3 back in the White can not escape, must take the side of the ship board equipment.
White soldiers in wartime enemy can not use props.
Snatch goods
White soldiers in wartime to snatch the enemy's money, goods and trading goods props.
Skills grantsRepair, Lord, and emergency response, social, surgical medicine, plunder, boating, shipbuilding 
Laid mines, warning
To prevent scurvy, malnutrition in the first place.
Against plague in the first place.
Sleep peacefully
Prevent insomnia in the first place.
Prevent rebellion in the first place.
Prevent quarrels in the first place.
Prevent dissatisfaction in the first place.
Against the spirit of unrest in the first place.

○ aide position effect
Long navigation
Disaster random automated response (seaweed).
a lertmembers
Acquisition success rate.
Production increased risk of major success.
Disaster random automated response (unsanitary, fire, rodents). To prevent the theft occurred.
Bing Long
Enemy shelling caused the probability of confusion down the crew.
Disaster random automated response (disease, malnutrition, insomnia, rebellion, strife, discontent, anxiety, homesickness).

○ aide experience value
  • Method one: With the player moves to get the same experience gained experience
  • Method two: increase the number of days with the Mariners
  • The value of the number of days sailing experience reward: a day to receive a 20 days (table service time is 0:00),maximum 200 days deposit
Have a reward
No award
Long navigationAdventure (take LV x30 (maximumAdventure
a lert membersAdventure (take LV x15 (maximum + Combat (fighting LV x15 (maximumAdventure + Combat
ComptrollerTransactions (cross-LV x30 (capTransaction
WarehouseTransactions (cross-LV x15 (cap + adventure (take LV x15 (cap )Transactions + adventure
Bing LongCombat (fighting LV x30 (capCombat
SurgeonCombat (fighting LV x15 (cap + transactions (cross-LV x15 (cap )Combat + Trading

○ adjutant property 

The value of the initial characteristics of the adjutant at time of hire will be randomly determined. 

Adjutant of the class (to take / make / warfare) increase will be an additional feature points, feature points can be used to increase the value of the specified characteristics. 
For example, to a rapid increase in ship's surgeon characteristics, characteristics can be enough points in the reservoir, choose the feature points of a surgeon to increase property value. 

Feature points are calculated as follows 
. 10 above (10/12/14), per liter level 2, plus a feature point 
. 20 or more, per liter one, plus a feature point 
. 30 or more, each level rose to add a little odd, to rise to double the number of each class plus two o'clock 
. 40 or more, per liter one, plus two feature points 
* Although the growth of the upgrade get is random, will also affect the number of posts. 
* 0 ~ 19 for the D 20 ~ 39 for the C 40 ~ 59 for the B 60 ~ 79 to A 80 ~ 100 for the S
Property value in the performance of skill level aide 
(Characteristic value / 10) +1, excluding the decimal point
The following are characteristics of display condition (when one reaches the value of the post is
Condition shown
shows the conditions
Display of
Long navigation
Adventure LV10 more
a lert members
Adventure LV12 moreMore fighting LV12Adventure LV8 more than fighting LV8
Adventure LV12 moreLV12 or more transactionsThe above transactions LV8 more adventurous LV8
Bing Long
LV10 battle over
LV12 or more transactionsMore fighting LV12Trading LV8 more than fighting LV8
Aide training 
When the aide placed a post on vessels at sea, the accumulated number of days exceeding the current property value, there will be a great opportunity to improve, increase in the level of the property value. 
Ex. Adjutant, Accounting 60, Accounting and positions put accumulated more than 60 days at sea (preferably more than 5-10 days). 
ps. sailing days need not be consecutive, such as accumulated from Lisbon to Cape 40 days, Accounting jobs, followed by the number of days you can continue to accumulate.
In addition, the number of days will be counted only when outbound follow-up of posts in Hong Kong 
That if you had been at sea for the position to help then the middle position of the time change will not be calculated 
Prior to departure, the aide put in a long sailing -> Departure to determine lift-fan 30 days -> the adjutant to a surgeon for 20 days after the voyage -> enter the harbor 
This aide has to get the number of days is 30 days long sailing ship with 20 days Medical 
But if it 
Prior to departure, a long pendulum Navigation -> Navigation 10 days -> for 10 days to a lert members of navigation -> change to the warehouse for 10 days -> change to a surgeon for 10 days -> enter the harbor 
It has been calculated to the number of days the only sailing vessel with a long 10 days 10 days doctors 
The other is wasted!

Purely aesthetic purposes, may be limited to professional grant (or to distinguish between sex), can not be given after the recovery, no additive effects equipment. 

○ adjutant 
* Aide can change the name, partial name not be used. 
* Adjutant clothes, and professional, independent reputation.

○ adjutant of the "Communications"
Trading goods taxOther
Do not believe
a lert
+3%Can not flee.
+4%State Fleet will appear near the capital, not desperate.
+5%Capital, territory, allies in Hong Kong can not enter, near the capital, there will be national fleet, not desperate.