Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Ship History in UWO

While playing Uncharted Waters Online and had some time to take a break from leveling my sewing skills. I thought of the ships that I rode from the beginning of my quest to explore the world. I bought some quite cheap ships from players that are selling it in town. It helped me max level my cooking skills because if you are a cook you need a big ship hold for your goods. Here are the list of my ships from the very first up to the current. I'm going to give also some experience from what I can remember using them.

Trading Barca

This is the beginner's ship, its free and granted to those who those the path of a merchant. I used it for a very long journey. It helped me gained my 1st million in UWO by selling spare sail in Amsterdam while having a trade route in Den Helder.

Transport Small Caravel

My 2nd ship which I needed to increase the ship hold for the goods I could carry and lessen my travel time while trading from one country to another.

Trading Caravel

I used this ship for a very long time. This was the ship I used in reaching my cooking skill into max (Rank 10). This is also my ship when I graduated in Merchant Class.

Trading Galley

I bought it because it was a boat that requires rowing and so I thought of having a rowing skill will increase the speed of my ship and make fast transaction to any country I want but the downside was you need to have more men which doubles that consumption of food and water and more ducats will be spent.


With its bigger ship hold. I journey to the Caribbean using this but I was not alone I tagged along with my friends which are faster. The ship has a big hold but slow in the waters needed the help of faster ships to reach its destination in a reasonable time.

Trading Pinnace

I only bought this ship because it has 28 cannon slots which I needed to increase my maritime while still trading on the Western Europe area. Also, I needed to increase my maritime level in order for me to rode my Trading Sambuk.

Trading Sambuk

Its the ship I'm currently using its fast and has a good hold for my trade goods but it only has 10 cannon slot which I really don't need since I'm focusing on trading. It helped me increase my casting skill to maximum (Rank 10). Now, I'm currently in Northern Europe increasing my sewing level and after that I will be going to India to continue with sewing.

Well, that is all for now still more to come when I reached India. I also need to increase my levels in order to rode more powerful ships. 'till next time! 


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