Monday, December 20, 2010

Journey to the World

I created this one to let everyone know about my adventures inside the world of Uncharted Waters Online there may have some added scenarios to make the story more lively. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Day 1

The Academy

I was born in Amsterdam and already reached the right age to enter the Beginner's Academy to become a greater person and explore the world. One of the high officials gave me a port permit for Northern Europe which was the region of my country.

When I enter the school they ask me what course will I be getting. It wasn't a hard decision for me since being a merchant was in my blood because my family owns a place in the market place here in our country. I approach the Merchant Academy Mentor and was given a task to learn the basic of being a merchant and was accompanied by the most popular instructor in our country. He was Instructor Alan, he thought me everything I need to know and explained it to me very well.

I realized that finishing the academy was very important since it will tell you how does the world outside of my country works. The instructor thought me how to trade and haggle to people selling items or goods. After graduation the merchant mentor gave me a job certificate where I can choose what kind of merchant I want to be. Since in our country as long as you have that certificate you can change your job anytime.

Day 2

Choosing a Job

Today, I will be choosing my 1st job as a merchant. I packed my things and head straight to the Merchant's Guild, outside the building I was standing in front of the door and was so excited. I stepped closer to the door and opened it. As I enter the building there was a man standing. He was the Merchant's Mediator, the one who is responsible in giving tasks to guild members where they can earn ducats and popularity once they finished and return. I greeted him and he response with a nod. I walked towards the desk of the Merchant's Guild Leader, he was an old man where you can see in his face the years the experience that he suffer when out of the sea.

I gave him my merchant certificate and decided to become an Animal Trader, this is where I can trade foods and livestocks to other countries to earn profit. Also, I asked him if I can buy books to learn more about food and livestock trading. He didn't hesitate and sell me those books. After that I went home and took a rest.

Day 3

First Adventure

The sun is up and it is my first time to get out of my country and explore the world. After setting off I try to read some of my mother's journal and look for information that can help me in my journey. And it didn't let me down since I found a method to earn money.

I read that selling spare sails to the pedlars in our country will be a very good start in earning extra income. So, I decided first to learn how to make spare sails. I read again my mother's journal and found this:

Step 1

Go to the Merchants Guild and look for the task which requires you to deliver 4 barrels of ham to Den Helder. You can buy the Ham in the Market of Amsterdam. You can get one Merchant's guild certificate after reporting back.

Step 2

Trade between Amsterdam and Den Helder until your livestock and food trading increase. Trade only livestock (Sheep and Chicken) and food (Ham, Poultry, etc) from both towns.

Step 3

You need to change your job into a Yarn Dealer and buy the books for Sewing and Textile trading. Look for the merchant that sells equipments, ointments, and books then buy the book entitled Fabric Secrets - Hardware. This book can help you learn how to use your sewing skills to pluck chiken's feathers and make wools from sheeps.

Step 4

Go to Den Helder and buy all the Chickens and Sheeps that you can afford. And gather the feathers and wools and sell them back to Amsterdam. Keep trading and sewing between Den Helder and Amsterdam until you can Sew spare sails. To know this read the Fabric Secrets - Hardware.

Step 5

After knowing that you can now sew spare sails, Go to Groningen and look for the Craftsman there. Ask him for a book entitled Shipwright Basic - Sewing then go back to Amsterdam.

Step 6

Buy all the Hemp fabric from the Market and read the book that you have bought in Groningen to learn how to sew spare sails. Once you have made enough spare sails you can now sell them to earn money. Do this until you are satisfied with your earned money.

Remember making these sails can be tiring so better to eat some food and rest before continuing.

After reading this I packed my bags gather my crew and set sail.


Day 4 - 10

Intermediate School

After obtaining my first million ducats from selling spare sails. I decided to buy a new boat with a big hold and recruit new members. I decided to go to Groningen for the Intermediate School. As I enter the school I felt the same as I enter the beginner's school. I approached the women and ask if I can enroll for the merchant intermediate course and she gladly accepted me. I went to the Merchant Instructor and explained to me what will be the scope of the course. It was having a chance to try the other two courses which was the Maritime and Adventure. All went well my Instructor was very detailed in every lesson that we tackled. After graduating in the Intermediate school they told that to think deeper whether I wanted to be a Merchant for the rest of my life or try the other professions available. I also received a Merchant Guild certificate which I can use to change my job and a Port permit to the Western and Easter Europe. In Pisa was the location of the last course of the school which was the Advance School. However, I decided not to go there first and explore the Western Europe. My next destination will be Bordeaux.

Day 11 - 25

Learn How to Cook

I decided to try to learn how to cook dishes for my crew since we do not have a chef on board. In Bordeaux I can buy a recipe book for beginners entitled "Simple Recipes". This can taught me how to turn wheat to flour. Since I planned to go to Western Europe to learn their culture and other information about the world. And one of crew mentioned that If I want to learn how to cook I should visit that region. On my way to Bordeaux, traveling wasn't easy since I stumbled upon some pirates but with the help of my crew we manage to pass through it. We also experience our first storm in the middle of the sea. What we did was to put up our sail to avoid being pushed by the strong wind and just anchor our ship and wait for the storm to be over. After the storm, we can already sea the port of Bordeaux.

To be continued.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to become a Chef in UWO

Official Site: Uncharted Waters Online

A Chef is an intermediate job of a merchant. It specializes in cooking higher dishes that gives higher vigour and less fatigue to crew members and sometimes it can cure some negative buffs.

Level Required:

Total Level : 36

Adventure Level: 10

Trade Level : 20

It means that Adventure and Trade Level should be exactly or higher than stated above.


Adventure: 10

Trade: 20

Battle: 6

You can now get the Chef quest.

Job Quest Title: Procure Food for Soldiers

Reward: 60,000 ducats and Chef License

Where to get the Quest?: Stockholm

Required Skills: Cooking Rank 5 and Nordic Language

Things to do:

The quest will ask you to provide 200 pcs. of Wine Steamed Cod and give it to the Port official of Stockholm.

How to make a Wine steam Cod?:
Skills Needed:

Fishing Rank 3

Handicraft Rank 3

Books Needed:

Brewing Secrets (Cagliari, reward after 320,000D in investment; Hamburg)

North Sea Seafood (London)

Get Cod fish through fishing in the south of Oslo or somewhere in Northern Europe and Wine can be bought to Bordeaux. With your Handicraft skill Rank 3 you can turn Prunes which also available in Bordeaux into wine by using the Brewing Secrets book.

Some Tips

- Gather first the 200 Wine steam cod before getting the quest.

- Collect as many Cod fish as you can like around 120 then proceed to Bordeaux to process the dish. Since you can make 2-3 dish by processing it.

- Optional: You can get the Frugality skill to lessen the rations to your crew to save food and water while fishing. Also, Procurement skill can help you when it is raining to gather water.

- Turn all other fish into food when needed.

- Rodent Killer stack some of this item to prevent rats from eating your fish.

- Stack up foods for vigour since you will spend lots of time in the middle of the sea.

I will update this post once I get some more tips to share.

Gooluck in becoming a Chef! :D

Friday, December 3, 2010

Chicken Plucking from the East (+)

 I would like to share an added information regarding the chicken plucking around the Eastern Europe where you can gain a reasonable experience and ducats in just a few runs.

This is only an additional info to get more chickens to pluck.

Materials you Need:

The book where you can turn eggs in to chicken or duck. This can be obtained from Salonica or Benghazi by investing 200,000 Ducats.

After obtaining the book you can now proceed in plucking chickens. To increase the number of chickens to pluck you can buy eggs from Trieste (the country near Venice) Turn the eggs into chickens sometimes it may become a duck but majority about 80% will be chicken by using the book.

Learn how to pluck chickens here.

Hope this will help you in your journey in Uncharted Waters Online.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Geography and Biology (Mini guide) by Daemon

Source: Geography and Biology (Mini guide)

So, after doing that adventurer schooling you want to get in the deepness of the adventuring UWO has? I'll write down some little advices for those 2 skills that involves lot of tripping, and for some people are hard to work.This mini guide is intended for people that want to solo the adventuring and grab a friend or two when they have a cool quest to share. It's not intended to be a farm guide.