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[Captain's Log] Day in the Life of Maritime

Source: [UWO Captain's Log] Day in the Life of Maritime

Captain Anjel's Log                                
by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

December 26, 1494

While in my mind, adventuring is my main calling, like any loyal and passionate citizen of my nation, I do my part by partaking in the Maritime activities of my country. Pirates are everywhere on the open seas, along coastal waters and vibrant throughout the world. Travelling even for an experienced captain can be perilous for one never knows when they might strike and being prepared to protect yourself and your cargo is a requirement for any salty dog wishing to ply the oceans of the world.

The first and foremost skill I found to be useful to me was learning the art of Gunnery. Knowing and using one’s cannons in a capable and effective manner can be the meaning between survival and getting sunk and pillaged. I learned during my time at the Academy the various methods and types of shot available to me which lead to my choices of armaments. I enjoy using my distance cannons to manoeuvre around fighting off and sinking pirates, I also am well pleased using incendiary shot to light up my enemies and create chaos for them. Planning and executing my ships turns in combat allows me to place critical shots on my enemy’s bow and stern for even more effective damage, which is always pleasant.

There have been times however, when the enemy closes with my ship and we must take the battle man to man, ship to ship, fighting to separate ourselves and get back to cannon range. Having effective training in swordplay, keeping some firearms on board, and learning the differences between guard, assault, and tactics keeps my sailors alive. Having a few smoke bombs to create confusion amongst the enemy sailors and gain me some measure of advantage either to break contact or land the finishing blow. Sometimes as I round up the last of the pirate crew we are the ones who make off with some booty for our troubles, a nice end to a rather nasty bit of business.

Maritime members do not only confine their derring-do to the seas, for as I’ve mentioned in previous entries; Pirates and Bandits lurk in land, ready to waylay travellers, adventures, or the lost and lonely merchant. Taking the battle to them, to fight with sword and gun, staff and knife can boost your skills in hand to hand combat, preparing the way for better melee battles at sea. Also you can loot the dead and sometimes find yourself with a nice weapon for your deeds or better still some money and experience to add to your growing skills.

Pirates will always be a scourge to contend with, desperate men and women on the seas and lands out to take what they can take and kill any who cross their path. It is a worthy task to meet these sea rats and defeat them. Though to be entirely honest with both you my readers and even with myself, I’ve had times when even I have contemplated turning to piracy. Perhaps it’s more of a romanticism of mine than any real urge to commit crime. There was always something appealing when I was young lad to raise a flag of my own on the mast and live life free as the wind taking what I had to the power to take and damn any and all blighters who came into my cannon range.

Life even for the honest and upstanding can start and end at the point of a sword. Even Pirates have their own code to live by and perhaps one day I will find myself forced to take up piracy, or perhaps in another life I can live a different life and become a plague of the seas to be feared and infamous. The sea is full of opportunities, so long as you’re willing to seize them!

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,

Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti 

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[UWO Captain's Log] Day in the Life of Adventurer

Source: Day in the Life of Adventurer

December 21st 1494

When I first felt the call of the sea, it was during a chat with my grand father by the fire when I was but a child. He regaled me with many a sea tale as his time on the ocean when he was a young lad. His stories of distant ports and amazing wonders sparked within me a deep yearning to carry out my own escapades across strange waters and into unknown lands. In my heart I knew I had a wild sense of adventure, and it was to that purpose I worked my way through school and struck out at first as an Adventurer, bent on discovering amazing artifacts and wondrous locations and exciting new animals. I was inspired of his tales of Egypt and great wonders to behold on the dunes that seemed to him to be near endless.

His tales of the Far East with the different architecture and manner of dress; as well as the ivory of Africa mingled with stories of tribal women and savoury spices. All of which built up until I was ready to take sail and make my own discoveries, seeking treasures unknown and make my fortune finding relics for wealthy patrons.

So it was as I completed adventurer school, I was prepared to embark on my journeys, I loaded my ship with supplies, made sure my sailors were aware of the coming travels, prepared my equipment, and of course sharpened my blade. Even in the land not far from the many towns and ports I would land at, trouble seemed to roam the countryside. With bandits and pirates roaming the countryside to waylay unprepared travellers, it was always in my best interests to be thoroughly prepared.

My next step was off to the Library to consult with the resident scholar and comb through historical tomes and maps. Looking for clues and maps to some yet to be discovered wonder. Even as I collected maps to search and exploit the riches I might find, I signed myself up to Guild Quests. Even if my own maps didn’t pan out, there were patrons willing to fund expeditions looking for a particular artifact, location, and other amazing finds. I sharpened my skills, reading and executing smaller maps to improve my skills and abilities to be able to find the really exciting items, through searching, recognition, collecting, and researching I’ve made my way around the Mediterranean.

Any well rounded adventurer will tell you that relying on only one type of historical hunting will of course improve your chances of finding better discoveries of that type. However diversifying can yield interesting results. I’ve found artifacts to aid me in my travels to discover other types of treasures and animals. Items of various types came to me in my travels as I searched and excavated pieces of the past. Finding the great statues of Greece, the treasures of soldiers and monks, finding money and usable equipment that I might otherwise not have know about made it’s way into my hands as I worked and discovered. Observing land marks, searching the countryside for clues and directions to make my discoveries and reap the benefits.

I’ve discovered amazing statues of gods and goddesses nearly forgotten; I have discovered the relics of ancient times and currency. Searching and unlocking some of the more interesting packages is part of the fun and joys of an adventurer, for the ancients locked up their valuables much as we do and it can take someone who is well skilled to unlock some of the greatest wonders, or troves of treasures and money, special equipment, accessories and artifacts.

Being known for locating something truly amazing is part of the adventurer’s dream. Not only to make my fortune; but also to increase my ability to sail further into the unknown and increase my fame as an adventurer and attain recognition throughout the civilized world. All in all the life as an adventurer has its ups and downs. I’ve had moments of finding mere pottery rather than some stupefying discovery. I’ve gone in search of some treasure, only to discover amazing new flora and fauna. I’ve traveled and seen some amazing locales that deprived me of speech. I enjoy being an adventurer, and hopefully I will someday discover something so rare and amazing I can be a large figure in the history books to be written. Pushing every onward into the unknown to find and discover what awaits any hearty sailor willing to look deep into the forests and jungles of our world.

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti 

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[Captain's Log] Is School Necessary? by AnjelusX

Captain Anjel's Log                            
by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite 

December 1st, 1494

Ahoy, I’ve been thinking a lot as I set out from port about where to go in this tale of mine. There’s such a world filled with wonders and activities to record I sometimes find myself at a loss as to which I would want to commit to parchment next. However a conversation I came upon in the tavern has sparked my own thoughts. I remember being a young sea rat, looking to make my mark on the world through bravery, courage and no small amount of cunning. I built up my confidence and swaggered into the local Guild Office to seek my fortune, only to have it soundly pointed out I didn’t know a thing and should attend schooling.

School I thought, school was a thing for scholars and those gentlemen who sit around teas houses discussing politics and art. Not serious sea dogs who want to voyage, discover, and plunder. Yet off I went to school, to learn the various classes that I could chose from and how to handle my ship in all manner of situations. I won’t life to ye and tell ye it was a pleasant experience, there were many a time I wanted to run off and get drunk with some lass than sit through long winded lectures about disasters and weather.

Of course I found the practical aspects of school helpful. The beginning sea combat tests, the various ship components and materials for survival and the like were interesting and I did learn a thing or two as I got my hands dirty doing actual work. The rewards were really the only thing that kept my sail upright and facing forward. I nearly fell asleep during a few of the tiresome lectures. While the information might have been important, my heart was yearning for the open ocean and sea air not a stuffy class room or running hither and fro through town trying to find some up tight instructor.

I learned some things though I’ve forgotten a good part of it all, and it leaves me to wonder if School really does benefit anyone aside from some of the real work. Was the Guild Master pullin’ me leg when he sent me to school, just wanting to see me suffer and have my head filled to bursting with nonsense that I could easily find in a book or through talk with me fellow sea dogs?

I often wonder if I really needed to go to the place or not. Could I just have learned as I went and found much of the same information out on my own hook? I surely don’t know, I’ve asked many a tavern mate over a mug of rum about this and the answers vary. I’ll put it to the young lads and lasses who follow me to debate the question. I have no answers for I look back and I see the balance of boredom versus rewards. The time spent traveling just for a quick chat by the Shipyard, against time spent actually at sea learning as I go, exploring and finding things out for my very own self. Mayhap it’s just how I found the things, and with it behind me I can complain while others in it, see a benefit I’ve not found.

Safe Voyages,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti

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Sea adventures of Frei Lockensmith

Source: Sea adventures of Frei Lockensmith

Note of author:
Because of several reasons I am starting with a new character. This log is about this character and so it starts from the first day in the academy.
There is an important thing about the gameplay I'll perform with this new character - It'll be role play and as part of that I won't be using the minimap. Anything I'll want to find I'll do on blind,  both in city as well as on the sea. I'll just use the port permits map, and the compas. So don't be surprised if the character get lost soon after the story starts :o)

Ship's log

Frei Lockensmith

a daughter of Sebastian Lockensmith and Jasmine Muharra

12th October 1584 - London, England

If somebody would tell me few month ago that I'd go on sea voluntarily, I'd smile at him. Actually, I don't trust the seas. Many men lost their lives in the waves. It's not a place for a man, the less for a woman. But the circumstances drove me to leave our house in Northampton and set for London. I, the one who has at least a deadly respect from the sea, if not a fear, am now starting my path as a sailor - just for the love.

It's already over a year since my fiance got lost. Unlike me, he loved the sea and not long before he got lost he got his 'big' chance as he called it. A large ship, 'Conqueror of Seas' was recruiting sailors for a 2 months discovery voyage and he applied. The ship never returned nor a single word from anywhere came about it. Many already told me to forget, but I can't. The only thing I can do is to find him, or at last try it.

My father don't know about my trip. He wouldn't allow me to continue. I'll write him tomorrow that I am alright, but he must not learn where I am. In London I visited Adventurer's Guild. There was 'Conqueror of Seas' registered. I hoped they'd give me some more information about it's voyage, but they knew nothing. When I told the Guild Master about my intention to find my fiance, he told me to give up any chances to hire a captain for that task. He warned me that many already tried to find Conqueror of Seas, but no one succeeded. By the Guild Master it would be a waste of money. When I told him that I'd then become a captain myself and set on voyage, he looked serious, but not surprised. He just asked whether I have experience with sailing on sea and advised me to join Maritime Academy to learn the necessary basics.

The Guild Master presented me at the academy and everything went smoothly. Yes, I am now officially a student of the Maritime Academy in London. But to go forward I still need a ship. And I don't know where to get it yet.
For now I paid for a room in the tavern to have a place to sleep.

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Guide to make Aide Food

I.    Introduction

II.   Why i did the Walkthrough
III.  Legend

IV. Walkthrough

V. Credit

I.    Introduction

This is my first guide so please take it easy on me. If you have any ideas or corrections, reply to this post so i can edit this guide and make it even better.

II.   Why I did the Walk through

Basically to make life easier and to save time. I got tired of having to look for the Food-name-ingredient over and over again and double checking translation errors over and over.
Also, I think anyone could have made this guide, but spending the time to get it done is a another question. Since no one did one, I was like, "OK, Ill do it" and get it over with it.

III.  Legend

I will use the in-game labels since even the Jap wiki and English wiki have, at times, different names. Even the in-game names are sometimes different as the Recipe Title. So this guide may come in handy.
There are basically 2 ways to get the aide food ingredients. One way is just to buy them from in-game clerks.  The other way is to make all the ingredients from scratch. For self-usage, I recommend using method A; for commercial use, method B (because of quantity).
Buying from clerks does not require port hopping, and the quantity refreshes every 5 minutes. The amount of ingredients offered by the clerks during each refresh period is completely random. It could be anywhere between 2-98. Also, you might have to compete with other players.

Bought from Clerk in Town - Recipe book - Dish names -ingredient
Method A) Fava bean soup - Seville
Method B) Nutritional Recipes-"Broad Bean Soup-Broad"-Beans+Pork

IV. Walkthrough


Fava bean soup - Seville
Nutritional Recipes-"Broad Bean Soup-Broad"-Beans+Pork

Salmon meuniere - London
North Sea Seafood-"Roasted Salmon & Butter"-Flour+Butter+Salmon

Muffins - London
Bread Basic-"White British bread"-Butter+Flour+Egg


Bouillabaisse - Marseilles
Western M. Cuisine Collection-"Seafood saffron stew"-Fish+Bouquet garni+saffron

Lamb and turnip - Tunis/Alexandria/Istanbul
(Meat Hospitality(investment)-"Lamb and Turnip"-Mutton+soup+turnip)

Boule - Marseilles
Beautiful Bread-"Round French bread"-Flour+Butter


Shrimp marinade - Seville
Invest Riga (development) Luxury Scandinavian Cuisine- "????" - Shrimp+???

Rye bread with raisins - Amsterdam
Beautiful Bread-"Raisin Bread"-Rye+Flour+Raisins

Almond biscuits - Lisbon
Confectionery for beginners-"Almond biscuit"-Eggs+Flour+Almonds


Lentil and bacon soup - Lisbon
Nutritional Recipes-"Bean & bacon soup"-Red Beans+Bacon

Meat pie - Genoa/Pisa/Naples
Mastering Pie-"Meat Pie"-Puff Pastry+Beef

Assorted fruits - Marseilles
Confectionery with Fruits-"Assorted Fruits"-Honey+(2)Berries


Mahashi - Venice/Athens
Eastern M. Cuisine Collection-"Asia Minor stuffing"-Wetland Rice+Lamb+Herb Salt

Lamb and turnip - Tunis/Alexandria/Istanbul
(Meat Hospitality(investment)-"Lamb and Turnip"-Mutton+soup+turnip)

Rye bread with raisins - Amsterdam
Beautiful Bread-"Raisin Bread"-Rye+Flour+Raisins


Bagel - Pisa/Genoa/Naples
Bread Basic-"Hard, round bread"-Eggs+Flour

Portuguese bouillabaisse - Lisbon
Western M. Cuisine Collection-"Seafood hot pot"-Bouquet garni+(3)Spear Squid+Crabs

Consommé soup - Seville
Simple Recipe -"Consume Soup Secret"- Onion+Poultry+Salt

V. Credit

Special thanks goes to Jap./Eng Wiki for helping me to gather the data and helping me figure out which one goes to which. Also, thanks to SANDY and Object who sent me the info about where to buy the food from clerks. PhatBastard for correcting my poor English in this guide.
If you appreciated this guide send me a in game tell, my name is Olink.

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Maritime Leveling - Solo

 Source: Maritime Leveling - Solo by speedaemonc4

Hello all. As a newer player I had searched the forums and websites for guides to help me level in UWOs somewhat vague progression and I had a hard time finding anything regarding where to level and what to kill to make it to lvl ** in a certain time.. At time I even considered being a trader instead because I was tired of finding the wrong groups to fight and ending up limping back to port for a new crew. But, thanks to UWOs acceptance of multiboxing I soon realized that I didnt want to run 2+ computers in order to get to the top and be the best so I decided maritime for life. Next Id like to point out that the purpose of this guide is to help you level maritime from the ground up, it is a work in progress as I am not yet a lvl 60 Maritimer, but I plan on posting the next steps in my techniques as I continue to level. Any additional  techniques that any of my betters would like to post here would also be more than welcome, just please keep it to the guidelines of Solo and relatively easy..There are faster ways out there than the ones I post..but..most require a group, or require greater skill levels and items to enable you to beat the enemy..My techniques are meant to bring you up at a pace ill describe in a manner in which your greatest threat will likely be running out of ammo. One last note is this technique is focused on gunnery, you wont see the same results using boarding.

LVL 1-9

Go to school, do all three courses, get all available skills possible for maritime. I grabbed the following in this order for the purpose of lvling here...Steering, Swordplay, Gunnery, Gunfire, Repair, Leadership, First Aid, Ballistics (lvl this as much as possible to get penetration), accuracy, reloading (also top priority, will need to lvl accuracy to get it), Penetration, Guard, Assault, Mine laying, Surgery.  These are only a few of the Mari skills but will be the core of this leveling process, if any change I will post it later.

LVL 10-14

You are probably still in school, at this level however, you will want to go buy a battle caravel (3/0/9) or Light Carrack (6/0/12) This ship will be used for the next part of your leveling, fit the ship with max armor and the best carronades you can afford, lesser guns can be used but will lengthen the leveling process. If you are finished with school, and have gotten all the above mentioned skills or at least the majority to include gunnery 3 and ballistics then you are ready to move on to the next level step.

LVL **-28

Here comes the start of the grind, your target will be Islamic Merchant fleets (IMF). These fleets will consist of two Galleys and one Light Galley. In the area slightly East of Ceuta but not much farther than Malaga are three fleets of IMFs, they re-spawn about 5-10 seconds after theyve been killed again in the same general area. They have a very limited range of skills, although they are galleys they will avoid boarding and instead choose to battle in a a circle seeming to be following your path. The first 200-300 damage you do will be repaired once one of the ships reaches 100 durability. An easy way to avoid their repairs and quicken your exp is to turn 180 degrees, they will ALWAYS try to go the opposite of you and will turn their bow or stern to you when you do guessed it, CRIT away. Either way they will be worn down in the end and stop repairing allowing you to finish them off, B should be killed first to eliminate his repair if possible, A and C are tougher and can be killed last (remember A is always last) This fleet takes about 5 minutes to kill more or less and gives 280-3xx Maritime XP at lvl 27-, It also gives 100 fame up till about lvl 26ish. If the area I described is to heavily farmed you can move east from there along the North African coast to find more groups. Once you can upgrade to a heavier ship with three gun slots you should as it will make the process much faster. I generally leveled once every hour to hour and a half doing this and including port trips, refitting, new guns,etc. At level 28 the XP goes down to 150 and is no longer worth the time.

LVL 28

Alright, I have found some prospective spots and fleets worth about 280-300 xp and kill-able within about 5-6 shots for the whole fleet with my Flanders Galley, don't remember their names but will get them and post it once I get a chance. (edit Jan 11) Ok I found fleets near the southern tip of Africa, they are called Congo Pirates and Congo Privateers, they give 320- 340 xp in general and are a relatively easy fight. There are several differently sized groups some with 4 large galleons, some wiht 2 large and one small galleon. You will need to bring lots of guns to this grind because it is a long way from home, also bring lots of food. These guys use regular guns and fire, youll need plenty of fire buckets too or the fire fighting skill. The ship I am using at the moment is the Flanders Galley, I would Highly recommend it because of its three slots for armor, you will NEED that armor at this point, without it youll be in deep water, I am using light iron plates. In the previous grind I explained that you could change direction to get a crit shot on the enemies, dont try that here, they fire much quicker and will usually crit you in your turn for 200+ dmg. Anyhow, next chance I get I will finish the trip to India and then head to the Carribbean to look for closer fleets for this level period, have a great day guys.(edit #2 Jan 11-12) Ok Further South, slightly east of Cape Town are three types of fleets called Namib Bandits, Agares Brigades, and Kalahari.. These guys give 380 -470 xp they fight stand out battles with lots of guns, make sure you have armor, they also all use fire so bring buckets or skill. use the same tactic as above, I can confirm that at 30 these still give full xp.

Will be updated..

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Aztec Update of Uncharted Waters Online

Uncharted Waters Online will be releasing an update which they called Aztec update on January 11, 2011. It contains new maps, features and system to satisfy players in playing the game. To give you some idea about the update.

New City

Players can team up and build a city on a deserted island or on empty plains. The unknown world can turn into an education capital, military capital, or academic capital according to the preferences of the adventurers.

To develop the New World, players must come together under their national flag. The new continent discovered by each country will be evaluated according to the following three categories: cultural level, commerce level, armament level. The village's trend will be determined by the three levels.

Imperial Quest

In order to find new lands players must accept an Imperial Quest from each nation's monarch or doge. The discovery of new land holds great interest for the nation and could influence its status. Candidates must have an entry permit for all waters discovered by the Western Europe Countries.

My Recipes

The update will implement a very useful system. In order to ease the trouble carrying multiple recipes, the new update will offer players to make their own recipes. With the completion of Imperial Quest or delivering supplies to the developing cities. Players can earn some special permission to produce new recipe. Players can pick one skill in each recipe to create one, and the one previously owned will be deleted from the inventory.

Docking System

Dock system will only be activated when their city is developed into Metropolitan City. Some ducat and the Charter of National Contribution will be needed to get the dock system running, and once it will be established. A player can dock and undock the ship at any nation.

For more information. Click here.

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Basic Maritime Tutorials by GA_Darkfiend

GA_Darthfiend message to visitors.

 Hey guys, Ive been getting a lot of messages about certain issues with UWO maritime by newer users about how to handle certain situations within

battling certain groups of ships. Ive made the first vid last night.

I'll be updating this thread as new videos are made.

if there's a video you would like to see made or a walkthrough,  please post on this thread >>CLICK HERE<< what you would like to see and i will do my best to put the video up as soon as possible.

GA_darthfiend's guide: UWO maritime basic (galleys)

Video below are strategies to do when being attacked by mob of ships.

Thank you for visiting!! Hope you learned something and you remember em all.

Good Luck and Have fun!