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Aide skill information.

Note: Just refer to the skill images  so you'll know what skill it is referring in UWO (Global)

Aide employed:
  • Hire an aide to 100,000 D.
  • First aide employed, players adventure, trade, grades should be a battle to reach Lv20.
  • Employ second lieutenant, the player's adventure, trade, grades should be a battle to reach Lv40, first lieutenant, have reached a level Lv20.
  • 】 【CH.1 revision → players have to buy three apartment (1 person 2 people onboard standby).
  • 【CH.3 revision →】 4 senior apartments player upgrade LV.3 (2 persons onboard standby 2).
  • Fired aide, will lose all the experience points.

○ aide 

  • Grant skills: the player has a skill level +1.
  • Adjutant skills: aide-specific skills. (Characteristic of high engine high skill level is higher).
  • Language skills: Which position as adjutant Jieyou effect. (Except Latin Ka Erte outside the ancient Egyptian language is
Adjutant skills

Long navigation
Skills grantsSail parade, rescue, surveying, geography, survival, supplies, banquet, courtship, navigation technology
Return flight, sea
Can automatically return to flight XX waters. 
In the terminal use the command, the ship can not have trade goods, departure port and destination port to be the same waters.
Against the wind in the first place.
Guard against waves and waves of horizontal in the first place.
Prevent algae in the first place.

a lertmembers
Skills grantsVisual recognition, search, ecological surveys, acquisition, scheduling, fishing, camp, lock, found mine 
Steering, evasive, lookout, throwing technique
XX of the NPC can communicate. Each time interval of 10 days. 
Degree of success down the hostile intimacy can increase the failure may go to war with his country NPC.
All sorts of information access to other roles. Each time interval of 10 days. 
(Target qualified
NPC raid to the sea. Each time interval of 10 days. 
To get a boat confusion and increase the probability of rare items (limited to stateless vessels NPC).

Skills grantsPrecious metals trading, trading spices, art sale, crafts sale, sale of textiles 
Spice trading, precious stones trade, accounting, cooking, sewing, casting, processing, storage, management
Production support
Production skills can be used to reduce consumption of mobility. 
Action force production by the 5 → 4.
Production Appointment
Can be specified in the offshore production of goods. 
Vessels to sail in the same consumption and production of mobility.

Skills grantsFood sales, liquor sales, archeology, fiber sales, dyes sale, religion, livestock trading 
Ore trade, biology, arms trading, trading hobby, art, grocery sales, sale of firearms 
Treasure prison setting, pharmaceuticals trading, trading spices, industrial products, sales, use, Kaer Te language 
Latin, Hebrew, ancient Egyptian language, body language
Prevent unhealthy in the first place.
Prevent fire in the first place.
Order goods
Collapse in the first place to prevent loading of the goods.
The emergence in the first place to prevent rodent infestation.

Bing Long
Skills grantsFencing, defense, assault, artillery, ballistics, the level of fire, rapid fire, through, shooting 
Tactics, sniper technique, application sword, weapons technology
Defense artillery
Artillery shelling to reduce the damage suffered.
Shell enhancement
Increase their own power to make shells.
Make enemy soldiers during wartime 1-3 back in the White can not escape, must take the side of the ship board equipment.
White soldiers in wartime enemy can not use props.
Snatch goods
White soldiers in wartime to snatch the enemy's money, goods and trading goods props.
Skills grantsRepair, Lord, and emergency response, social, surgical medicine, plunder, boating, shipbuilding 
Laid mines, warning
To prevent scurvy, malnutrition in the first place.
Against plague in the first place.
Sleep peacefully
Prevent insomnia in the first place.
Prevent rebellion in the first place.
Prevent quarrels in the first place.
Prevent dissatisfaction in the first place.
Against the spirit of unrest in the first place.

○ aide position effect
Long navigation
Disaster random automated response (seaweed).
a lertmembers
Acquisition success rate.
Production increased risk of major success.
Disaster random automated response (unsanitary, fire, rodents). To prevent the theft occurred.
Bing Long
Enemy shelling caused the probability of confusion down the crew.
Disaster random automated response (disease, malnutrition, insomnia, rebellion, strife, discontent, anxiety, homesickness).

○ aide experience value
  • Method one: With the player moves to get the same experience gained experience
  • Method two: increase the number of days with the Mariners
  • The value of the number of days sailing experience reward: a day to receive a 20 days (table service time is 0:00),maximum 200 days deposit
Have a reward
No award
Long navigationAdventure (take LV x30 (maximumAdventure
a lert membersAdventure (take LV x15 (maximum + Combat (fighting LV x15 (maximumAdventure + Combat
ComptrollerTransactions (cross-LV x30 (capTransaction
WarehouseTransactions (cross-LV x15 (cap + adventure (take LV x15 (cap )Transactions + adventure
Bing LongCombat (fighting LV x30 (capCombat
SurgeonCombat (fighting LV x15 (cap + transactions (cross-LV x15 (cap )Combat + Trading

○ adjutant property 

The value of the initial characteristics of the adjutant at time of hire will be randomly determined. 

Adjutant of the class (to take / make / warfare) increase will be an additional feature points, feature points can be used to increase the value of the specified characteristics. 
For example, to a rapid increase in ship's surgeon characteristics, characteristics can be enough points in the reservoir, choose the feature points of a surgeon to increase property value. 

Feature points are calculated as follows 
. 10 above (10/12/14), per liter level 2, plus a feature point 
. 20 or more, per liter one, plus a feature point 
. 30 or more, each level rose to add a little odd, to rise to double the number of each class plus two o'clock 
. 40 or more, per liter one, plus two feature points 
* Although the growth of the upgrade get is random, will also affect the number of posts. 
* 0 ~ 19 for the D 20 ~ 39 for the C 40 ~ 59 for the B 60 ~ 79 to A 80 ~ 100 for the S
Property value in the performance of skill level aide 
(Characteristic value / 10) +1, excluding the decimal point
The following are characteristics of display condition (when one reaches the value of the post is
Condition shown
shows the conditions
Display of
Long navigation
Adventure LV10 more
a lert members
Adventure LV12 moreMore fighting LV12Adventure LV8 more than fighting LV8
Adventure LV12 moreLV12 or more transactionsThe above transactions LV8 more adventurous LV8
Bing Long
LV10 battle over
LV12 or more transactionsMore fighting LV12Trading LV8 more than fighting LV8
Aide training 
When the aide placed a post on vessels at sea, the accumulated number of days exceeding the current property value, there will be a great opportunity to improve, increase in the level of the property value. 
Ex. Adjutant, Accounting 60, Accounting and positions put accumulated more than 60 days at sea (preferably more than 5-10 days). 
ps. sailing days need not be consecutive, such as accumulated from Lisbon to Cape 40 days, Accounting jobs, followed by the number of days you can continue to accumulate.
In addition, the number of days will be counted only when outbound follow-up of posts in Hong Kong 
That if you had been at sea for the position to help then the middle position of the time change will not be calculated 
Prior to departure, the aide put in a long sailing -> Departure to determine lift-fan 30 days -> the adjutant to a surgeon for 20 days after the voyage -> enter the harbor 
This aide has to get the number of days is 30 days long sailing ship with 20 days Medical 
But if it 
Prior to departure, a long pendulum Navigation -> Navigation 10 days -> for 10 days to a lert members of navigation -> change to the warehouse for 10 days -> change to a surgeon for 10 days -> enter the harbor 
It has been calculated to the number of days the only sailing vessel with a long 10 days 10 days doctors 
The other is wasted!

Purely aesthetic purposes, may be limited to professional grant (or to distinguish between sex), can not be given after the recovery, no additive effects equipment. 

○ adjutant 
* Aide can change the name, partial name not be used. 
* Adjutant clothes, and professional, independent reputation.

○ adjutant of the "Communications"
Trading goods taxOther
Do not believe
a lert
+3%Can not flee.
+4%State Fleet will appear near the capital, not desperate.
+5%Capital, territory, allies in Hong Kong can not enter, near the capital, there will be national fleet, not desperate.

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