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[Captain's Log] The New World Awaits

 Source:  [Captain's Log] The New World Awaits

Captain Anjel's Log                                
by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

January 17 1495

The world has changed, and it’s an exciting change indeed for voyagers to explore and discover a new horizon has been opened for us to venture out into. Central and South America has been opened for us to explore and discover what new wonders await any hearty soul willing to put in the work and effort to reach the New World. Called upon by our various nations through great Imperial Quests we can work our way to seek entry to the newly expanded areas of the now known world.

There is a great variety of new discoveries to be made, cities to explore, and even more quests awaiting those who put their adventuring soul forward to traverse the ocean and meet the challenges. I myself have been hard at work to prove myself worthy of the opportunity to make the journey, completing tasks set upon me by the Doge, working with the great sailors of Venice to open up the way for our nation to grow strong and become a power on an even grander scale. Racing out to defeat pirates or carry out the missions given us to fulfil the requirements is a tireless effort, once for which we and any sailor worth his salt is well and able to manage.

Reclaiming land and building cities that will shine for our nation on those distant shores is a concerted effort. We have within our power to shape the nature of our presence in the New World. Through investment, growth, and development, we all have an effect on the changes found within these new cities. Eventually these cities will become a shining jewel in the crown of our individual nation’s sphere of influence. Through the hard work and dedication of our nation’s stalwart adventurers, merchants, and naval forces, we can have a real impact on our future. Allowing us to open up new opportunities, new items to be found, and so much more.

Along with the changes in the world, the docks have opened up to allow us to keep a vessel on hand should we decide to crew and maintain an extra for various needs. For myself I find keeping a good cargo vessel in supply and well cared for a definite asset for when I tire of exploring and combat and wish to enjoy the pleasures of economic engagements and crafting new materials. Coupled with new original ship permits, and the ability to memorize my more well used and loved recipes for crafting makes the work spent on Imperial Quests even more attractive as I gain Patriotic Points in the service of my nation. These Patriotic Points to be spent on memorizing recipes, having space to let my other vessel rest and restore, or simply gaining a new original ship to build.

The world of the Aztec’s call out to all brave and bold voyagers, with the New World awaiting, we can now extend beyond ourselves, working through the story of our nation’s people to open up levels beyond what we thought were possible and going even further than we have dreamed. I look forward to engaging further into the world that awaits and will enjoy seeing the many voyagers who will be making their own valiant plunge into the New World!

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti

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