Tales of Pirates 2

Game Review

Developer: MOLI
Publisher: IGG
Release Date: March 2007
Official Site: http://top.igg.com/

Tales of Pirates is a 3D game with an anime-featured characters who deals with treasure, battle, and exploration. This game will give you a lot of reason to love it. Aside from it's cartoonist avatars or images, it has many features such us quests, ships, especially the unique characteristics of each characters. This game has four major characters which are the Lance, Phyllis, Ami, and Carsise. They have differences and special abilities depends on their classes. Tales of Pirates actually offers 10 classes. On level 10, you can choose from 4 available classes to enhance some skills. And when you reach level 40, you can now choose from 6 given classes. On Tales of Pirates version 2, Phyllis are able to become a Swordsman and then a Crusader. It has other amazing features like guilds, pets, and mazes. From newbie level, players can level up their character so easily by questing so there will be no hard time being a pro.

I remember my character, Ami, I liked her among other avatar because she seemed more cute than the rest. I used to buy thing for her to upgrade her or just to make her more cute. There are items from the mall for each character. Everytime my Ami did simple things he gained points and it was really easier to level up your character. Then when there were guilds, they never battle without Ami. In a guild it used to have 2 Ami. And the rest were mostly Lance and Phyllis. For me Ami was the easiest character among the four major one. It's best obligation is to heal wounded or injured guild mates. And Ami were not always seen on a battle. I was a back up all the time.

As my critics, I would say that this game is quite similar from Ragnarok with regards to the graphics and stuff. It also seemed very friendly and the community was very detailed. In short, the graphics was awesome especially it is on 3D. About the background music and the sounds, though it's not quite that realistic it went smoothly and it has a link to it's friendly graphics features. There were times that it seemed boring in a bit because it has a lack of sound effects. Sometimes it seemed silent though there were this calmly yet strong background music. The game play were fine too as well as the game controls. It wasn't complicated compared to other MMORPG. I only experienced few bugs and glitches. But all in all this game was a great success.