Sunday, October 31, 2010

Portuguese Cooking Guide in UWO

Portuguese Cook by: Starcrossed

Required Recipe Books
Easy Recipes (Palma, Bordeaux, Quest Reward --- the city's first Epicurean) 5000D
Livestock secrets - chapter of Pig (Porto) 8000D
Introduction to meat [optional] (Genoa) 10000D
Eastern Mediterranean Dishes (Fagumasta, Venice reward after 1,000,000D in investment)
Livestock secrets - chapter of Sheep [optional] (Amsterdam) 8000D

Required skills
Accounting (all major merchant jobs)
Food trading (food merchant, animal trader)
Livestock trading (food merchant, animal trader)
Cooking (food merchant, animal trader)
Seasoning trading [optional] (medicine trader)

Level 1 - 3 (Wheat >>> Flour)
Buy Wheat from Porto or Seville (you can buy more wheat from Porto if you are Portuguese, if you are Spanish you can go to Seville, you can buy it from other players). Use the Easy Recipe book to mill the Wheat into Flour and then sell at the market

Level 3 (Pig >>> Pork)
Purchase the Livestock secrets - chapter of Pig from Porto, buy Pigs from Faro market or players and butcher the Pigs into Pork. Sell the Pork to the market in Faro. You can purchase Pigs from travelling players for 200D each and still make a handy profit

Level 4 (Pig >>> Pork >>> Bacon)
Using the Livestock secrets - chapter of Pig book, buy Pigs from Faro, butcher into Pork, turn Pork into Bacon, sell at the market.

Level 5 (Pig >>> Pork >>> Ham)

Using the Livestock secrets - chapter of Pig book, buy Pigs from Faro, butcher into Pork, turn Pork into Ham, sell at the market.

Level 5 - 7 (Pig >>> Pork >>> Ham)
Butcher Pigs at Faro, turn Pork into Ham, sell at the market.

Level 7 - 10 (Pig >>> Pork >>> Ham; Sheep >>> Lamb; Lamb + Butter + Salt >>> Roast Lamb)

Path A
Butcher Pigs at Faro into Ham until level 10. (takes roughly a day or two)

Path B
Sail to Genoa to purchase the Introduction to Meat recipe book, sail to Amsterdam for the Livestock secrets - chapter of Sheep book, and make Roast Lamb (more details in the Dutch Cook section)

Level 10 (Wheat >>> Flour; Flour + Fish + Cheese >>> Seafood Pizza)
CONGRATULATIONS, you have made an important milestone, now its time to make some serious money. Either, sail to Fagumasta in the Middle East, opposite Beirut, and invest 1 million Ducats for the Eastern Mediterranean Dishes or if you have a friend from Venice, kindly ask that player to invest 1 million in Venice for the book.

All the ingredients for Seafood Pizza can be purchased at Porto, therefore making Portuguese players the most fearsome chefs in game.
Buy, Wheat, Fish and Cheese at Porto, turn the Wheat into Flour and combine all three ingredients for 1 - 3 Pizzas. Each Pizza in early game can sell up to 5000D

Late Game

Required Recipe Books:
Caribbean Secret Dishes (San Diego, reward after 300,000D in investment)
Chef's Meat (Stockholm, reward after 600,000D in investment)
Livestock secrets - Birds Chapter (Calvi) 8000D

Required Skills:
Food trade (livestock trader, food trader)
Livestock trade (livestock trader, food trader)
Spice trade [optional] (spice trader)
Alcohol trading (accountant)
Cooking (livestock trader, food trader)
Handicraft (medicine trader)
Procurement [optional] (fisherman, chef)

Level 10 - 12 (Wheat >>> Flour; Flour + Fish + Cheese, + Seafood Pizza, Gratin with Cheese)If you decide to specialize in Cooking in late game, it is advisable to first establish a Private Farm, level up your purchasing skills, especially Food trade, Alcohol Trade and Spice trade, as well as have level 5 in Handicraft to make Wine and Brandy.

In addition you want to have an Aide that adds +1 to cooking and food related Trade skills such as Livestock Trading, Food trading, Spice Trading or Alcohol Trading.
You also want to equip yourself with a +1 Cooking Item the Blue Butterfly Ribbon, which someone in the Guild would mostly be able to craft.

Use the level 10 recipes to level up to level 12, or use the booster items and Aide to get your cooking to level 12. Level 12 is a threshold, as you can make Wine Braised Lamb and Nuts served with Fish.

Level 12 - 14 (3 x Fish + Nut >>> Nuts served with Fish; Wine + Lamb + Rosemary >>> Wine Braised Lamb)

Path A
Use the Caribbean Secret Dishes to make Nuts served with Fish. Nuts can be obtained either through either Procurement in grassland Landing areas in Europe or from Private farms.
The recipe book is a reward from the Caribbean’s by investing 300,000D in San Diego. Fish can be purchased in large quantities in most European Ports.

Path B
The Chef's Meat recipe is acquired by investing 600,000 in Stockholm. Wine and Lamb can be purchased from Bordeaux and Nantes area, Rosemary can only be purchased from Valencia.
This method involves loading 80% of ships cargo with rosemary from Valencia, and sailing to Bordeaux and Nantes in the Bay of Biscay. Combining Wine and Lamb with Rosemary to produce Wine Braised Lamb

Level 14 - 15 (Chicken Meat + Garlic + Brandy >>> Roasted Garlic Chicken)
Using the Chef's Meat acquired from Stockholm, combine Chicken Meat produced either by butchering Chickens in Lisbon or from Faro. Garlic can be purchased from Malaga, and Spice Trading skill can come in handy here. Brandy can either be bought from Lisbon, or crafted from Wine using Handicraft skill (more on wine making in my Handicraft guide). Combine the three ingredients to make Roasted Garlic Chicken.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Number Game in UWO - Updated

Uncharted Waters Online celebrates Halloween with a very tricky event (imo).

In any major city, Search for the baker who baked cookies for children during Halloween. Mostly they are located near the fountain or look for a group of children that are in a circle.

Talk first to the Baker, keep talking to him until he says he wants to know what game the children will be playing.

Then, approach Willem and talk to him after that talk to Johan (Your enemy). After each dialogue of Johan talk to other kids then talk to him again. wait for him to tell you that the baker is already finished on the cookies.

Talk to the baker until he gives you a random number of cookies. It can be 60 pcs, 59 pcs, or 58 pcs.

I guess you already know the rules of Johan's mind game. To refresh, you will need to give cookies to any of the children around the circle. There are 8 kids. They will be getting a minimum of 1 cookie up to 3 cookies depending on what they want. Its automatic so you cannot decide. After that, you will give cookies to Johan he will also decide how many cookies he wants.


Kid A -> Johan -> Kid B -> Johan

You can do repetition in giving cookies to any kid.

The goal is to give or force Johan to take the last piece of cookie that you have in order to obtain the Event reward.

In my experience, Luck is not on my side but I can give you some tips. Here they are:

* Carlen only gets 1 cookie

* Michelle only gets 2 cookies

* Pieter only gets 3 cookies

Note: These 3 kids are your weapon in fighting Johan.

* When Johan force you down to 5 cookies you will lose. Base on my experience.



Today, I already got my 1st Pumpkin head gear!

Here's what I did, your goal is to be the first to get the 49 cookie mark. Meaning you should have 49 cookies  before talking to Johan again. Like so:

I got 59 cookies from the baker. I talked to Michelle who took 2 cookies. Now, I have 57.

Johan will get 3 cookies making it 54. Now, talk to Carlen, she will take 1 cookie to make 53.

Johan will take again 3 to make it 50. Now, this is the part I was talking about to make it to 49 cookies. Talk to Carlen to do so.

From here you have now the advantage. I assume you already notice the total of 4 cookies when Johan is winning. Now, use it to win his game. When Johan takes 3 talk to the kid that will take 1, When he takes 2 talk to the kid that will take 2, and When he takes 1 talk to the kid that will take 3 be careful though do not use the same kid as before. Do this and you will win the reward.

Extra Note:
As I was saying above about the "Do not use the same kid as before". Here they are, use them alternately in order to win.

Johan - Enemy

Sylvia - Trickster
Carl - Trickster

Alberto - 3
Pieter - 3

Michelle - 2
Willem - 2

Anne - 1
Carlen - 1

Why I label Sylvia and Carl as "Trickster"? because you do not need them and they might lead you in losing the game because they are randomly getting cookies from you which will ruin your calculation. 

I am not 100% sure about this one since I'm not sure if the admins will manipulate the system (LoL) but I hope it will help a lot.

The event will end on November 3, 2010. Source

Good Luck!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Uncharted Waters Online Job Table (Beginner & Intermediate)

Below is the Uncharted Waters Online's Job Table (Beginner and Intermediate) still need more information regarding the Master Jobs. Would like to thank Oranjebeard for posting the information. Source: Class Change Guide

Click the image to enlarge it.

Level Requirements:

Adventure Class

Merchant Class

Maritime Class

I will be updating this one if ever there are any changes regarding any information about the job change. Also, I will be adding the Master Jobs after I verify that it is already final.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adventure Class Quick EXP/Fame Guide by Starcrossed

Just want to say Thank You to Starcrossed who created this guide. This is a very helpful and effective guide for Adventurers.

How to gain quick experience and fame as a beginning Adventurer:

This can be done solo but has better results in a group as you get nearly twice the fame if you all turn in the quests at once.

Step One - Getting to Athens:


All three Intermediate schools complete so that you have the three Adventure job permits
500 adventure fame, which you should get from the schools.

Helmsperson for skills.






Once you have the prerequisites, you will need to take a trip to Seville so you can begin what many of us call the 588-91. This refers to the quest rewards that the quests give, 58,800 ducats and 9,100 ducats respectively. You will need to go to the Adventure’s guild and speak to the Mediator to begin one of these quests.

588 - The Middle of the Atlantic
This quest gives a reward of 58,800 ducats. All it requires is sailing west from Seville until you find an island chain that consists of three small islands known as the Azores. Once you are amongst them, you use recognition to ‘discover’ the islands. You then return to Seville and turn the quest in, netting a few hundred exp and fame as well as 58,800 Ducats.

91 - The Tip of the Iberian Peninsula

Because you cannot repeat a quest, you need a filler quest after you do 588. This quest is normally a quest to Faro for 9,100 ducats known as the Tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It is quick and will allow you to start 588 again quickly. However, if this quest is not available any quick quest to Malaga or Lisbon also works to speed up the process. You will need to do this until you reach 2,000 adventure fame.

Step Two - Raising Archeology







For step three, level 4 Archeology is required. The quickest way to do this is to head to Genoa. In Genoa there is a level 1 geography quest that takes you to Naples to speak to the scholar and then find an item in the Naples melee combat zone. Once that is done, you can turn the quest in at the Tavern and pick up an Archeology quest that sends you back to Genoa to speak to the Scholar there. This quest sends you back to Naples to dig another item. You will need to repeat this process till you have level 4 Archeology.

To maximize this process, you should be in a group. Pick a person to go first to discover the item. Everyone else stands back far enough that they cannot discover the item yet. This person with get between 20-40 proficiency. You then allow a second person to come dig while the original person stays in place. The second person and the first person obtain 20-40 proficiency, allowing the first to now collect 40-80 proficiency in one trip. You do this until everyone has discovered, then next time allow someone else in the group to go first. Take turns, work together.

An alternate way to do this step is to reach level 2 Archeology, then repeat the Archeology school quest to Tunis repeatedly in a group until you reach level four. This, however, requires you almost be finished with Advanced Adventure school.

Step 3 - Arriving in Athens:



2,000 Fame


Arabic - Can learn in Genoa Merchant GM

Greek - Can learn in Naples Merchant GM

Treasure Appraisal - Can learn in Lisbon Adventure GM

Unlock - Should have learned when switching to Excavator

This is the final step in fame farming for beginners. With this quest line, in a group, you can easily obtain 10,000-15,000 fame in just a few days of constant, determined farming. Possibly even 500-1000 an hour if you do it right.

You will need to go to Athens. In Athens you will need to pick up the quest the Sultans. This quest will send you to Beirut where you must speak to the Scholar. The Scholar will send you into the Alexandria wilds to discover something. Turn this quest in at the Alexandria Tavern and pick up Mourning a Greek Tragedy quest which takes you back to Athens to speak to the Scholar and discover something in the Athens wilds. You can run these two quests repeatedly and make possibly 100,000 ducats every 30-60 minutes while gaining massive fame and experience.

Edit: Sultans requires Appraisal level 4, Unlock level 2. If you do not want to level that you can alternately get Town Dedicated to Love from Athens to Famagusta.

Things to note:

Any nation can do this.

Quests that send you to a scholar normally require you to read a book.

This method may not be for everyone as they may get bored repeating the quest lines.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Finding Columbus' Golden Treasure

In Uncharted Waters Online, They are celebrating Columbus Day by the means of having an event. The event will let you experience the sea route of Christopher Columbus starting from Spain across the Caribbean sea to learn the whereabouts of the Golden Treasure that he had lost when battling his way back to his homeland.

Here's a detailed info of the journey.

First, you will need to go to Seville (Main City of Spain) and proceed to the Palace and talk to Marquis Fernando which will give you [3]Latin America East Coast Temporary Permit which you need to enter the towns in the Latin America Area.

Once you got all the items head to the port and go to Las Palmas, a village from the south of Seville. Enter then talk to Ramon which is located just below the port guide of that town. Ramon will give you [5]Food and Water Stocks. Once you use 1 of it, it will give you 100 Food and Water for your journey.

Now off to a long journey you will be heading to Havana, stock up Food and Water 1st. and proceed west of the Las Palmas. Just head straight and let me remind you. The area is hostile waters which is in other games is a PVP area. You can be attacked by other countries ships and most of all get ambushed by pirates. That is why it is preferrable to create a fleet or party with your friends or players that are doing the quest for more safer journey across the sea.

Once you reach Havana, use [1]Latin America East Coast Temporary Permit to enter and talk to Baba and he will tell you to talk to Abel which is on San Juan. Keep talking to him until he gives you 20 Papaya(Food for vigour). Remember that you only have [3] permits so do not waste it.

Once you are finished in Havana head to San Juan and use again a permit to enter then talk to Abel. Keep talking to him until he says that you need to seek pirates that are in the island of Azores.

After you are done in San Juan, You will now need to travel North East of your location to locate the Island of Azores. Once there you will need to defeat pirate sergio in order to obtain information regarding Columbus' Treasure. If you are victorious go back to Seville and talk to Marquis Fernando for your reward.

Hope this guide can help you with your journey. The event will end on October 31, 2010.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eastern Europe Fast Ducats/Fame/Exp

 This guide is for players that wants to increase the level of their Trade.

You will need things to execute this one. These are:

1. Livestock Trading Rank 2

2. Fabric Secrets - Hardwares (can be bought in Item Shop -Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Marseille, Seville, Venice)

3. Sewing Rank 2

4. Foods for Vigour

Trade Route: (Eastern Europe - Venice starters can get an advantage)

Zadar to Ancona (Vice-Versa)

Goods To Buy:

Chicken (Zadar & Ancona) 

Goat (Zadar)

Things to do:

Pluck the chicken and Process the goat to obtain Feather and MoHair respectively.

Sell the Feathers/MoHairs in Ancona. Feathers will give you additional trade experience and fame while Mohairs got a high selling value. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with your Trade level/Fame or Ducats earned.

PS: Try to pluck chickens as many as you can to produce many feathers before selling it to obtain more exp and fame.

Note: To save up in using foods for vigour try to visit the Taverns and buy some food and drinks. Also, give some drinks to your sailors to increase their loyalty.


Have Fun!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Many people are comparing these two online games which are similar in some ways. I looked up in for information and this is what I found.

Publisher: Netmarble
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: Open / Factions
Filesize: 3200 mb 

+ Battle on land and sea.
+ In-depth economy/trade system.
+ Based on a popular series, already big in Asia. 

- Already several years old, only now coming to America.
- Steep learning curve.
- Slow-paced gameplay.

Publisher: IGG
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: High
PvP: Open /Guild Wars
Filesize: 1300 MB + long patch

+ Huge game world.
+ Skills improve with use.
+ Auto-walk & loot.
+ Crafting and resource gathering features.
+ Realistic setting. 

- Ship combat is slow-paced.
- Poor grammar and text.
- Too reliant on quests for experience.
- Imbalanced cash shop items.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Noblemen in Uncharted Waters Online

While spending time playing Uncharted Waters Online. I visited some countries and stumbled upon well known people from our History. Here are some of them:

Da Vinci



Galileo Galilei

I forgot to take a screen shot of Shakespeare and Martin Luther but I will post it here once I finish my business in the Easter Europe. 'Till next time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Easy Ducat Earnings

This is not my own guide. I just modified and elaborate more of it to fully understand how to execute this guide and also it is updated to the NetMarble’s Uncharted Waters Online. I give my thanks to the original uploader of this guide which is what I find very helpful.

Note: This is only for Traders that choose The Netherlands as their country.

“This simple guide is to help new Netherlands players make some easy ducats (In game Currency) at the start, and will not work as well for players from other countries. You have to start as a trade learner to utilize this guide.
Step 1. 

For new players, please take some time and talk to all the HELPERS in the city before you start your school tutorial. They can give you some usable items. The order is as follows:
School--Market--item Shop--Craft store--Tavern--Bank (you'll receive 10k here)--Company Admin Office --Governor's Mansion--Mercator Estate—Shipyard (When you speak to the helper he will tell you to go to the Library, He is talking about the) –Archives (When you speak to the helper in the archives he will say to go to the Archives maybe a bug but proceed to)--Port (Harbour)

 Step 2. 

After you finished all the talking, Go the Merchant Guild and look for the task which requires you to deliver 4 barrels of ham to Den Helder. You can buy the Ham in the Market of Amsterdam. You can get one Merchant's guild card when report back.

 Step 3.