Monday, February 21, 2011

UWO's Secrets (Part.1)

Evasion/Repair/Rescue/Firstaid -

you get proficiencies on evasion when you dodge shots with evasion on. So the conditions to maximize the efficiencies will be...

1. more enemy ships
2. enemy shots are low in accuracy (no skill + low speed cannons)
3. You boost evasion
4. put cannon evasion figureheads
5. enemy shots shooting against the wind direction. (you can dodge more this way)

the best condition to meet 1 and 2 is considered to be a quest from Rio. The enemies are 10 galleys without any cannon skills with fire cannons. (fire cannons have lower speed which is accuracy)

for 3, you should be able to boost 2 at least. 

for 4, you need to buy tons of them from Calicut. To reduce the damage on your figurehead, you should have cheap armors and cannons (like cedar plate + falcon( 8 )

for 5, you need to see the wind direction when the battle starts and position yourself on the edge of the battlefield and continuously getting hit without killing any enemies. The best ship for this is galleon. (T.Galleon or B.galleon or adv galleon any will do) You should only load lumbers to repair yourself while doing this.

The best class for doing this is body guard. 

This is a sample data for someone who did this for 17 hours in Rio.

Evasion 4 (750) > 13(10991)
Rescue 4 (1550) > 7(136)
First Aide 8 (1250) > 11(1938)
Repair 11 (800) > 12(7244)

During this time, you will get this in 9 hours or less if you have 30% prof up. 


Anonymous said...

I'm curious why Scout is not the prefered job to rank up Evasion. It has the skill expert

Anonymous said...

what quest from rio? how much fame? requirements? for me theres no such quest in rio after 30 times entering town...