Friday, February 25, 2011

UWO's Secrets (Part.2)


I'm putting off penetration for one reason from here. 

accuracy/reload/ballistics gain proficiencies based on number of cannon (slot) you hit whereas penetration gains based on damages you are dealing.

So, penetration is harder to power level compared to other 3. It is said to be more efficient to rank up 3 which ranks up with the same conditions, then rank up penetration with high accuracy/reload or high accuracy/ballistics with good cannons.

The quest you want for this is 104k quest from Tunis (requires R5 gunnery so get someone to help you introduce you the quest if you do not have R5 gunnery). We just want enemies with higher armor so we can keep shooting them without finishing the battle. (+ their shots are week and week in melee so you can reduce their numbers if you want.)

The ship you want will be adv galleon or B.Galleon or T.Galleon. You just need falcon( 8 ) or falcon(2) b/c falcons have high reload and speed (which is accuracy of your shots to give you more proficiencies) and low damage (so you won't kill your precious enemies).

The ideal class is certainly canoneer. If you are not lvl 28 yet then you should get there as quick as possible before you start doing this.

Trading skills -

Im not going to talk much details here but this is a good time to training your trading skills at loss. Like you can trade between Jamaica and Santiago for gold dusts continuously without bothering to bring them back to EU. 

This is also a good time to train account skills so better to do more short-distance tradings than long-distance tradings.

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BeaRus said...

Quest name is 'Officer Request', needed Gunnery=5 and Arabian or Body language.