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[Captain's Log] World Stories_ Why Explore?

Source: [Captain's Log] World Stories_ Why Explore?

Captain Anjel's Log                                
by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

February 6th, 1495

Greetings voyagers! I’m taking a respite from traveling the oceans to reminisce about some of the people I’ve met on my travels. You see within the world everyone has a story and on a grander scale, every nation has a story. Highlighted by various personalities that you interact with, it provides a diversion from the trials and tribulations found out in the wide world. Working for your nation is rewarding in many ways, and you can encounter some interesting situations as you interact with some of the prominent figures in your nation’s capital and beyond.

Many of these encounters cover a broad range of activities and will provide experience in various areas, from battle to exploring and so on. In my case, meeting with the nobles of Venice, I’ve gone on to explore and find a new discovery, I’ve battled the Turks, and I’ve traveled to Africa and beyond. There were times when my skills were tested, and times when it was simply running from place to place to find someone or deliver something.

These activities can be challenging or simply a nice diversion from the levelling to make a side trip to a distant port. The rewards however are worth taking the time to pursue them. Ranging from experience, fame, money, and even maps or recipes, the time put in eventually leads to the Imperial Quests as well as opening up the world to greater and grander adventures.

Even during the course of some of these adventures I’ve gained or heard of other voyagers gaining special nation specific clothing or items that enhance or add to the experience gained from completing the tasks placed upon them by the personalities they encounter. The break from completing guild quests, or traveling from port to port selling your trade items, even sinking all those dratted pirates make the effort well worth it, and the compensation even for the smallest of tasks can be very rewarding.

So get out there and explore not only the world by your nation’s capital, you might come across someone in need of your help that will lead you to experience something new and different in the course of your adventures. You can always track your progress, or figure out where you are go next by checking your adventure journal under “Events”. Even the greatest of explorers can be lost or go in the wrong direction and need some assistance in finding the next port of call. Overall all get out there and explore and discover what waits in the service of your nation, or to simply help a possible patron noble!

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti

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