Fallout 3

Game Review

Developer / Publisher: Black Isle Studios /  Interplay
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 09/30/1997
Official Website: Fallout

I was curious about this game the first time I saw it while strolling inside the mall. I'm fond of playing computer games so when something catches my curiosity, I know I'm gonna buy it.

I started playing this and I must tell this game is one of the best RPG I've played so far.Fallout killed the old traditional RPG and rises the new adventure from wizard battle to a dynamic action story.

 Fallout happens after the nuclear war at Washington DC. It become the so-called Waste Land - no plants, and all water are contaminated due to radiations from nuclear waste.It causes mutations to the inhabitants which are called Super Mutants. There are organized group of people, the Enclave, who live in the Vault, the Underground Facility. The mission is to track down his father who has a Water Purification Project and to get a new Computer Water Chips that needs to be replaced for survival due to insufficient resources underground.

There are many amazing features offered to you by this game.Aside from its realistic environment, it has many places to explore, there are also quest to make the game more thrilling and fun. And Fallout is a total horrific and brutal game.
I remember a mission where the character had to go to a Simulation Virtual Game inside the Vault to get some information about his Dad. There is a young boy in a virtual village that needs to finish the brutal quest so he has to kill all the people in the village, make other children cry, let the couple or the married people fight. This is a command from a creepy young girl knows as the Game Master of the quest. He has to finished the quest to get out from the game.

Fallout has different yet fantastic features compare to other RPG. In this game you can do silly things like stealing. You can also kill innocent people or the NPC since you can play the role as a bad or good person. You can do wacky things like putting grenade to a person's pocket. You can also level up your character by killing monsters and finishing the quests to enhance abilities and skills. About the weapons, Fallout will give you satisfaction with regards to gameplay features. From hands to knife, you can do many things. This game offers many skills to attack enemies (Super Mutants, Abomination Creature Enclave Organizations Bandits, Ghouls Murluks, Robots, Giant Insects, etc.) or NPCs.

Skills are divided into three categories:
  • Combat skills: Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Unarmed, Melee Weapons, Throwing.
  • Active skills: First Aid, Doctor, Sneak, Lockpick, Steal, Traps, Science, Repair.
  • Passive skills: Speech, Barter, Gambling, Outdoorsman.

 The graphics and sounds are Superb. With High Resolution, you can feel the reality as if you are inside the game. The thrill and nerve wracking sound effects are brilliant.

I would agree to all the positive feedback and critics that this game is receiving. And for being a fan, I would give 10/10 ratings for Fallout. Not only for being so powerful in conquering a player's mind, but for having a tremendous creation to make this possible.