Game Review

Developer(s): T3 Entertainment / YD Online
Publisher(s): Redbana
Genre: MMO Dancing
Release Date: 4/2/2009
Official Website: Redbana Audition

Audition was first released to US by Nexon but the operation was transferred to Redbana last April 2009. This game would be best describe as the most successful and popular dance casual games of all time. Audition is about timing, grooving, and fashion. It has many features in game. And that's why many teens love this.
I've been playing Audition for a year now. I tried all the features available in game and I must say that Audition is the most popular dance game ever. It features thousands of items that you can buy in the Shopping Mall for your characters. You can dress them up to make them look more funky, preppy even gothic. There are also other items in the Mall that will help your players to boost up or level up. Not to mention those fantastic stages you can choose before you start every game. Audition is a very friendly casual games to all ages. And I recommend this to those who are looking for an MMO games.

With regards to its graphic, Audition is a 3D type of casual game. Every move of your character are counted and visible. It has different kinds of dance move that will surely capture your eyes and suddenly realized that your character is doing those awesome styles. Audition also offers songs from popular artists like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Jordyn Sparks, Neyo, and Sean Kingston. Although Audition has their own songs for the game, they still give what the players requested. All the songs from Audition are fantastic. I kinda started liking those Korean songs featured in game. The game controls are very much easy compared to other games. Major controls are the numpad and the spacebar and you can groove all the way. Like what I've said this environment is very friendly compared to other MMO Casual Games.
Despite of leaving the game as a GM, I will still play and come from time to time to mingle with my Audition friends. This game is totally awesome, easy, and hype. All teens will surely love this. And as an Audition player, it's a pleasure to be part of the community and to be one of the Auditioneers!