Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Blasphemy Concealed in an Art"

I received a message last night about something that was shocking. I am a fan of Lady Gaga because of her amazing and undeniable talent. She has the look, stunning voice, and stated fashion. I love her for being unique and fashionable. Yes, I am a fan. But a question started to wander inside my mind, "Am I having a sin for adoring her?".

The text goes like this...
ALEJANDRO=defender and protector of man(GOD).
FERNANDO=ardent for peace and bravery(JESUS).
ROBERTO=bright and shining(HOLY SPIRIT).

  Incorporate this into the lyrics:

 "Don't call my name don't call my name Alejandro(God)"
"I'm not your Babe (child) I'm not your Babe (child)Fernando(Jesus)"
"Don't call my name don't call my name Roberto(Holy Spirit)"

And I briefly analyzed the whole situation thinking about the meaning of the song and the video (She was putting a rosary inside her mouth. An act of disclaiming the whole sanctuary of God)

I read all the similar articles and sadly, I really don't want to believe that this very talented human being can be what the prophecy is saying, that the anti-christ was born! However if that's the case, as a catholic, I will continue my tasks as one of the creations of God. I'm going to spread God's wisdom and love.

I am here because of God. All the happy and successful things that happened to me is because God allowed me to live. I love God and nothing could break the bond between us. I'm offering myself to Him as He sacrificed His own son for his love to all human beings.

Also, read the following articles:

My Life as a Pirate

Pirate! yoohoo!!! I had a week of experience playing Uncharted Waters Online. First day of CBT was a big day for all of us who registered. I've met many players in game who was actually more excited than me. I thought it would be boring like other many pirate games. I was wrong. I am enjoying UWO. I am more into UWO right now. Everywhere I go I think of UWO... Am I addicted to the game??

I was in the bathroom, I saw a newspaper. It's about housing, loans and stuff. They were introducing a new atmosphere for those people who's planning to buy a house. A house similar to other country. I saw the word Venice, And I was like, "Amaya lives in Venice."
"Amaya talking to the Scholar."
I saw another ads. A promo ad for those who like to travel. A discount coupon for shipping fees. I saw a cruise in the picture. It reminded me of a game. "My ship got ambushed by some idiot pirates and I lost the battle!"
"Defeated by Failed Marine."
In the grocery store. I was about to buy a snack because I wanted to watch a movie. I wanted to sit back and relax. Then I passed by at the costume stall. I saw a pirate hat. And I remember melancholic, one of my characters on UWO.
"So far he's the most successful pirate among my other characters."
I got home and talked to myself, "What's happening to me? Why is it all about Uncharted Waters today?" I turned on the TV and it's Spongebob! "

Are you ready kids "Aye Aye Captain"
I Can't hear you "AYE AYE CAPTAIN"
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea
"Spongebob squarepants"

"Here comes the captain, another pirate...."

Then I decided to play UWO again instead. I continued the quest of Amaya, melancholic and Fatass. It was a success! yipee!!! melancholic is now doing a Story Mode-like mission. And hopefully he'll finish it today.

My life as a pirate was full of thrilling moment, exciting tasks, suspense events, and the likes. I never experienced this when I played Tales of Pirates and Bounty Bay. Though I like ToP, Uncharted Waters gave me a new reason to play Online games. I can't say that I'm addicted since it's just a CBT experience (but I'll surely try playing on OBT!) however the game gives satisfaction to a player's needs. It met my expectations about MMOs. I can't wait for Uncharted Waters Online OBT! woot ^_^

Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Successful Sea Quest

I made a character as a Trader. She's so adorable and I named her Amaya. She had a quest of finding out what happened to the delivery by talking to a Barkeep at the Pub/Tavern. She already went to Venice and Trieste Tavern, and still, no luck. I gave up and made a new character. I named him Fatass. He is an Adventurer. I got bored sailing so I made another one. A latest character which is a kid. She is actually a Maritime Student. Someone who can battle when there is a pirates. And yes! She did it this time. Among my three characters, this kid didn't fail me.

Her name is Melancholic. She successfully finished  all her quests. She was given a dormitory, and other rewards for finishing all the tasks given to her by Instructor Alan. Her final quest was to battle and fight against those pirates that lurked around Amsterdam. Here's her video winning against those pirates.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Create UWO Character?

After the long and thrilling wait I finally had the chance to play Uncharted Water Online. Of course, since this was the first time playing Uncharted Online, I didn't skip the tutorial. I want to learn every single detail of the game, though I have experience playing Tales of Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean and had a few moments playing Bounty Bay, Uncharted Water seemed very different. But I still manage to learn easily. The tutorial was indeed helpful.  The quest was easy and you can finish the quest in no time through the use of some hints given by the NPC. I made my first character and I named her Amaya. The good thing on UWO is that you can edit or modify everything that you did from the start. Like if you wanted to change your country, your quest, your clothes, or even your character, you can do so. The graphics are fantastic not to mention that you can change the setting to Window Mode with higher resolution. It will be your option. The only thing that irritates me while playing are the background music and the character's speed. The sound was quite boring. It seemed continues and it is obviously repeating in your ear. Unlike other games where you can be thrilled or something to better enjoy the game. Then the character, I noticed that it's time consuming when he's on his quest. I even asked my friend, "Does this has teleportation ability?". But all in all the game is worth playing. I told my friends they better try the game before they throw it to "Not-Interesting-Game" bin.

Here's how to create Uncharted Waters Online Character:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Uncharted Waters Online CBT Tomorrow!!!

I'll be on Uncharted Waters Online tomorrow, all day! This will be so exciting...
CBT will start tomorrow!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tales of Pirates 1 and 2 Soon to Merge

This has been a problem from other player like me. I'm playing Tales of Pirates 1 but then they've released the tales of Pirates version 2 which is more upgraded and has a lot of feature compare to ToP 1. We all thought that ToP 2 was just a latest patch for the upgrade of ToP 1. We were quite disappointed. But since we love the game, we tried to understood things. Despite of those players who switched to ToP 2 and made a new account. Now it's a Good News! Top 1 will migrate to ToP 2. Unfortunately they cannot pleases everyone or they can't do the best they could. There are some wishes that cannot be granted which was pointed on the FAQs link. However, they are very generous for dealing with this issue and we are thankful that the merging will soon happen!

I won't copy-paste everything and put it on my blog. So I'm gonna give you the link so you'll be updated about the migration thing

Important ToP Link(s):

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Thing for Me Because of UWO

I've been playing games like Bioshock, Fallout, Sims, Warcraft, etc. I've been to many violent games. And I enjoyed playing it. I enjoyed every winning moment. I had fun killing all those monsters. I must say I am a gamer. Yes I am one. And sometimes it gets to the point that we feel like we have to explore new things, new environment, new challenge. I saw all of them on Uncharted Waters.

I remember playing this on console. I had so much fun. When I get home, it'll be my time to play the game. But when my daddy gets home from his work, that would mean I should go to eat my dinner, study my lessons, and go to sleep. Because it'll be his turn to play. And when it's on weekends, I tend to wake up early just to play so that daddy won't see me. Technology has a lot to do these days. We forgot about console games because there is PC games available, there's an online game to interact, and never forgets those FPS MMO that really hit the crowd. I've been into Warcraft these days. Then I realized, "what's new?". So I browsed the net and saw Uncharted Waters again. This time it's not on SNES anymore. They've released the Uncharted Waters Online.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art: A Little Tribute to Ron Mueck

I am an artist myself. And as an artist, I know what's remarkable, what's not, and what's ordinary. I am an artist and I have talents. I can sing, I can dance, I can draw, I can act. I've been in so many groups just to show off my talents.  I've joined contests and won. I've spent money to buy new paints, colors, and materials. As an artist, I do things that I know will ease my negative feelings. When I'm mad, I draw or paint. When I'm sad, I sing a love song. And when I'm jolly, I dance. I've been a part of a theater group when I was still studying. I already starred in one of our play, Why Women Wash the Dishes?. Being an artist is a lot of fun, emotions and experience. And for Ron Mueck, I know he already has a lot of tributes received from outstanding people but I want to give him a little appreciation for his art. He is a sculptor. His work is very stunning and awesome. I want to share all his masterpiece to everyone who doesn't know him. I want to tell him that he, himself, is already an art. An art that was shared throughout the world. And he is a big inspiration to those artists who have the same talent but not yet recognized.

These are some of his artwork that people should see and appreciate. You might get confused and puzzled. But this is not real. They are not real people. Ron Mueck gave his artwork a life. From tiny pieces to big ones, from latex to fiber glass, this artist is spectacularly amazing!

A man's face

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bioshock Infinite Trailer

Here comes another exciting adventure from Bioshock. I welcome Bioshock Infinite to my world. And I know, this will end up so good. I just know that Bioshock will never fail me. This is what we've all waiting for. This version of Bioshock is kind of different. Bioshock evolved from deep sea to sky high. We will see the difference between Rapture and Colombia. we will see a new version and new aura of the game. I would totally buy this.

Official Site: www.whatisicarus.com

Bioshock 2 Sailing its Way for Our Satisfaction!

I've been in this game for quite sometime now but I've become too attached that I end up browsing more stuff about it. Bioshock was one of those games I love beside Fallout. It always gave me the thrill effect but obviously this is one of those successful game made in our generation.

Check out this latest news about Bioshock 2! You can now own a Bioshock Collectibles by visiting their site. I took some of the images that I already put on my To-Buy List:

 Little Sister Figurine
This hand-painted figurine is cast in ceramic and will cost you $10.00. This is 3 inches high to scale the previously released Big Daddy figurine (right image)

Limited Edition Sinclair Syringe Pen
This is worth $34.99 with refillable rollerball ink in a customized Bioshock gift box.

I also include here this latest video from people behind Bioshock 2. They featured the Bioshock 2 Limited Edition Box together with its content. I lol'd on the last part. Keep it up! and give us more successful games like this! Let's all go to Rapture!!!

Stunning Celebrities Behind Fallout 3

Bethesda Blog had just released a new update regarding Fallout: New Vegas. There are well-known celebrities that will voice over to a certain character. They will turn this character into real (not that they'll be alive!). Behind the characters are

Golden Globe-winner and two time Emmy nominated actor Ron Perlman (“Hellboy”, “Sons of Anarachy”)
Screen Actors Guild-winner and Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor Matthew Perry (“Friends”)
Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, William Sadler (“Shawshank Redemption”)
Zach Levi (“Chuck”)
Felicia Day (“The Guild”)
Michael Dorn (“Star Trek:The Next Generation”)
Kris Kristofferson (“Blade Trilogy,”)
Danny Trejo (“Machete”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”)
John Doman (“Mystic River”, “The Wire”)
Rene Auberjonois (“Boston Legal”, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”)

I must say that this is a very much-awaited part of the game. We are all thrilled and excited to see some behind-the-scene previews. And I would totally try this one out!

Friday, August 6, 2010

This Kills My Boredom

I saw this from a random forum. At first I didn't know what's the use of it. What's the sense of having this or visiting the site. One day I got bored. I opened all the sites I bookmarked and I got into this. I stared on my screen while moving my mouse slowly. It kind of made me feel a bit relax. The color made me feel better. And geez!! This is awesome! It was on my desktop for 6 months now. And I just wanna share this >>> TRUE COLORS

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Spirit of Liquor in the Game You Play

Liquor! Yes, one of the vices that people can't resist of. There's no successful party without alchohol. Beer, vodka, whiskey, rhum, name it! As a young woman, you always see me partying with friends. And if you say party, smoking and drinking are the usual activity we do. I've seen this on the internet when I was browsing for a cocktail I wanted to try. I became curious when I read that it has something to do with one of my favorite games, Bioshock. Amazing as it is, I continued browsing and found other sites that offers liquor drink based on the game people usually play. And it made me want to post it here on my blog. Now, playing will be more fun. And partying will double the booster when you see this drinks served for you.
 Rapture's Delight
Inspired by Bioshock 2, with absinthe and whiskey, this will surely rock your world. You might wanna say thank you to Andrew Ryan.