Thursday, July 29, 2010

Social Networking: "Why is it so In Demand?"

I never really liked computers before. The only thing that kept me sitting in front of the monitor is when I'm playing games. I never imagined myself to be like this, to stay half of the day on my computer. My sister suggested that I should browse the internet so I made my fist e-mail account on Yahoo! I begun meeting new people because she taught me how to chat through iMRC. My online friends asked for my Friendster account. They knew I don't have that so they taught me how to create one. I had hundreds of friends on my Friend's List. Some of them I didn't know, some were my classmates, and some were just people I met online. It's fun knowing that someone remember's you and they'll leave a message for you to read when you logged on. There's this feeling of contentment when you read all those comments, private messages, and shoutout on your page. The feeling that somehow people gives you importance, that some people appreciate your beauty, your success, and your lifestyle. Then it happened that I discovered Facebook.

Check out the Trailer!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Redbana (AAU) Memoirs

I've been in this community for a year now. And it saddened to leave everything. We all need to move on though. But I tell you, Redbana became a part of me. It became my virtual community aside from the real one. I logged in to forum and in game everyday just to check if everything's working smoothly. I used to hang out on forum to wait for a player who needs a Game Master. It became my routine for a year, to log in game and to be with the players. I met most of them and some of them became my friends. I loved how they respect me and how they treat me as a normal player. Everyone seemed very nice. And I'm very thankful I had a chance to know them.

By the way, this video was made because Hengbok loves me so much... LOLz! My last 1 2 Party (my favorite mode) as a GM.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fashion Summer Event

It's been awhile since I log on to this forum. And many had changed. This community are known for it's Audition game, for the friendly-appearance of the community, and the undying creation and ideas of events. They've been so awesome to their players. I saw that they have another event for this month. And I must say I'm going to join! woot^^ So now I was wondering what character should I use, the GM or my normal character? hmmm...

Redbana Event

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Total Freak, But I Love Them

Lady Gaga

Amy Winehouse

This thought happened to wander inside my head when my mom asked me if I could go with her tomorrow. 'Coz she wanted me to join a talent contest. Well, I came from a very talented family. My mom as well as her siblings was a singer. And my grandfather was a musician. In my generation, three of my cousins took this music career seriously and they are now singing to different parts of Asia. I am so proud of them. My mom on the other hand, is a bit disappointed. Because she wanted me to pursue singing but I chose to go to college. Not that she wants me to choose, but it was my fault since I was too confident that I can do it whenever I want it. So I focused more on my education and forgotten my ancestor's talent. So like she asked me if I'm going to join the contest what song will I sing? Then I told her " Oh mom, I want to sing Speechless or You Know I'm No Good." And she said "who's the artist?" I told her those are from Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse, respectively. And she was shocked and kinda annoyed. She said, "Don't tell me you're gonna act like 'em on stage?" Then I started asking myself, why I like the two freak? Why don't I hate 'em? Why... why them?

To tell you the truth, I love both of them. I love their voice and their fashion. Sadly, I believe Amy does a very bad lifestyle. I don't idolized them. I just love the way they sing. And the way they reach out to their listeners, especially Lady Gaga. What do you think about 'em? Yeah, they are freakishly freak. But they still have something good in them, ayt? ^^

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sims 3 Trailer

And because I've been doing research about my favorite game, I saw this and tried it on my Sim. And yes, my Sim gave birth last night. It was very difficult at first because when they were about to get married I'd let the guy Sim break up with my Sim. She was in a stage of depression for 2 days. So I had to take more effort for the two Sims to reconcile. And last night they did the woo hoo thing. They now have a baby boy. ^_^
I'll post a video of my Sims when I have time. But for now, enjoy the trailer and see the evolution from Sims to Sims 3.

I better go. Time to check my Sims! c",)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Well, last night I went party hopping with my friends and got drunk but I was able to go home, thank God. We planned this night a month ago and we were all excited to see each other again since we have different careers now. We really missed each other and we knew that there is so much to talk about. I admit I was excited and thrilled to see them all. A week before the gathering I already chose what to wear on the said occasion. I said I'll be on my pants and just a shirt with my always-on-the-go slippers. But I changed my mind, instead I went to the party wearing a flared black skirt and a tinted short-sleeves shirt with my black 4 inches high heels with studs. Not to mention my make up. ^_^

Yeah I know, I'm a party animal. Friends would tell me, "you never get tired of dancin', eh?" I just nod and smile.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wanna See a Human Dragon?

LOLz... poor guy! I guess he was drunk. He should've let the spirit went out before he drink it. Thought I saw a human dragon! hahhaha..

Click >>>

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shaman, Give Me Some Cheezzz...

Ok so this little mice was introduced to me by a colleague. He said this was addicting. So I tried it and at first it was fun. The graphics were good and the movements of the mice were funny. But sometimes it's a little confusing because of the overlapping of the player's name. The objective of the game is for you to get a piece of cheese and go back to the mouse hole within the specified time. There's also a feature where you can chat with other players. So I was like having fun playing this game and suddenly, dang! Boredom struck me. You'll know what I mean when you tried the game so here's a link: [TRANSFORMICE]

So what do you think about this game? -ehem-

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Incapacity to Believe It's True

I was browsing and posting on a forum and I saw a thread - "Worst Fast Food Meal in America". I became curious and clicked it. I am a very big fan of fast food meal. I can live with it. I have an appetite when it comes to Wendy's burger, Burger King's whopper, KFC's chicken, and any kind of pizza and pasta. When I have money I know where to go, Fast Food Chain. When I'm depressed, I know what to eat. And when I'm feeling lucky, I know where to treat my friends. Then I read this...

I'm always on a diet. But I can't resist not eating these stuff. After reading the article and knew how many calories I'm ingesting, I know I need to work hard to reach my desired weight and to lock myself in a diet full of healthy goodies. -facepalm-

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Game I Fell Inlove With, and Became my Addiction

I started playing Sims on the late summer of 2001. I was on my vacation then as a student. I had nothing to do. So my sister who owned a Net Cafe encouraged me to play this game to kill my undying boredom. I remembered, I was impatient because it took so long loading the game. I created only one character that looked like me. I was just gonna try the game. Then I noticed I was playing Sims for 4 hours straight. I felt like I need to shut down the computer and do some chores at home. But in my mind, I still wanna play and explore. I was curious what will happen next...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Zombatar!

Are you guyz playing Plants vs. Zombies? Well, I was looking for some updates about this game coz I already finished it. Just wanted to check if there's a new update or a new version. And I stumbled to this Zombatar! This is funny, try this one out! ^_^


And because I was curious I tried it and I got a freakin' zombatar. I wanted a flirty one. And i came up with this:

Also, my friend told me some inputs you can use to have fun stuff on PVZ. While playing, just type "daisies, mustache and/or future". Then check out what will happen to the zombies on your lawn... la la la...

Top 10 Sexiest Women in the World (2010)

I've been a fan of all those pretty faces and sexy bodies from actress to models, to sports, and to art. You might wonder if I'm a guy whatsoever^ But I'm not... Just a hottie here who admires the creation I belong. ^_^ And I was like browsing to check some trivia about the Eclipse and I went to this site. Read the details and felt kinda disappointed. Some of my bet were not there. But yeah, it's ok I guess. [x]

Abbey Clancy