Game Review

Developer(s): Irrational Games
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Genre(s): FPS 
First Released: 08/21/2007 for Windows OS in NA
Official Website: Bioshock

Set during 1960, a plane crashes in the Atlantic Ocean with Jack as the only survivor. Exploring into the ocean then discovers an Underwater City, Rapture…

I will not go further about the game. It’s for you to find out how superb BioShock is. I’ve played this game and I must say that this is the first game I played that really amazed me for its outstanding all-in-all features. Giving honor to Irrational Games for a fantastic game ever released. With high ratings and awards, BioShock creates a unique and reality-based FPS games that has an addictive qualities.

With its intriguing story, you won’t resist playing because of its unbelievable feature and the urge to finish the mission. You will meet horrible characters such as the Big Daddies and the Little Sisters. Find out more about them and you won’t believe who they are. Don’t forget about the plasmids. You will need it to electrocute the Big Sister and whatever comes in your way.

As I’ve said, this game is unbelievable! This is so called the realized game where the feelings and the excitement seems true and real. Sounds play a big role in a game like this. BioShock will give you a thrilling yet horrifying sound effects and background music that fits in 1960 set up. You will hear distant sounds, voices and echoes from Little Sisters, even arguing from the Splicers.

The graphics with its artistic style is incomparable. It is excellent that the difference from the real world against its timeline is undeniably expressive. You’ll see yourself engaged in an advance science from 1960 that gives you conventional weapons plus the Plasmids to fight against your enemies.

It also features easy and simple manipulation of your game controllers. So it won’t give you a hard time exploring Rapture along with the twist of this game.
BioShock as a conclusion is inevitably addictive and stunningly amazing with its epic storyline and features. This game is truly impressive and irresistible. Give it a shot, experience the thrill and remember, "Imago is upon us!"