Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trade Routes in Uncharted Waters Online

Being a trader in Uncharted Waters Online needs to have better trade routes in order to gain more profits to earn more money inside the game. Check some of the trade routes here:

Short distance trade with handicrafts/cooking/sewing/casting for beginner profits (exp/fame not first priority)

1. Very good trade route is Antwerp-Den Helder.
You need at least level 3 cooking and level 3 handicrafts and level 1 sewing.
Let's say we start at Helder, buy all chicken - pluck feathers (sewing1, Fabric Secrets - Hardwares book, bought in Amsterdam for 5000D), buy all sheep - make lamb (cooking3, Livestock secrets - Sheep book, 8000D Amsterdam), sell lamb to market keeper (profit of 40-60k in couple of minutes). Even better if you have cooking level 5 and can make sausages (level 5 recipe from the sheep book). Then make sausages and sell to market keeper - even better profit. After doing that sail to Antwerp, sell feathers (or you can sell feathers in Calais nearby for better exp/fame), buy all wheat and pork (if you have level 5 cooking - then buy pork).
Make Akvavit from wheat ( handicrafts 3, book Brewery Secrets from Hamburg for 10000D) and sausages from pork (cooking 5, book Livestock secrets - Pigs, 8000D from Porto). Sail back to Helder and sell everything. Repeat :) It's quite good early money, can make several 100 000's per hour this way. But it gets boring quickly.

2. Bergen - Oslo if you have Historical Crafts Guide book.
Bergen has Rye and Lumber, while Oslo - Wool and Lumber.
Go to Bergen, buy Rye and Lumber, make Vodka (handicrafts 3, brewery secrets book) or Whiskey (handicrafts 4, same book), and make Wooden figures from Lumber (handicrafts 3, Historical Crafts Guide book, 400000D investment in Cairo). Now sail to Oslo, sell everything there (can make some 80-150k profit easily), buy Lumber and Wool in Oslo (Lumber->Wooden figures). Make woollen cloth (sewing 3, book Fabric secrets - Cloth, 10000D Antwerp/Helder) or knitted cloth (sewing 4, same book), even better flannel (sewing7, Fabric Secrets - Fine Cloth, 240000D invest + 100000D price) or tweed (sewing8, same as flannel).

Mid distance trading

1. Spare rudders/Spare sails.
All you need is Casting level 2 (book Shipwright Basics, 10000D Antwerp) and Sewing 2 (Shipwright Basics, 10000D Antwerp).
Sail to Amsterdam, make 400 spare sails(can take up to 5-6 trips to Amsterdam, can sail to Helder, make feathers, lamb, sausages etc for quick profits too as mentioned earlier) - 200 in inventory and 200 in store. Then sail to Oslo (more lumber on sale than Bergen), make 400 Spare rudders.
Now the problem is that in North Sea area the price for these has fallen a lot. So you'd need to sail to Lisbon to sell sails (1.5-1.6 ea, 350-400k profit, but no exp), and search for a place to sell rudders (dont really know in Europe as I always sell my rudders in Luanda when going to India or so. Can sell sails here too). So all in all you can make 700-800k profit easily, but will get no exp for it.

2. Velvet to Northern Europe. Basically buy all velvet in Genoa/Pisa (now sells it too), max price would be 4000-4500 per unit, the lower the better.
In NE you can sell it for ~5500-6000, so it is a profit of 1000-2500 per unit. Usually if I can't buy it for 4000ea I don't bother.

3. Diamonds/Gold/Ivory to Northern Europe. You can buy these in West Africa, after some investment. Problem is these sell in small amounts, 4-6 in each market with no trading skills. So metal/gem trading is a must for it to be really effective route. For example you can buy diamonds for 2.5-3.5k in Luanda and sell them for 9-10k in Northern Europe. Great profit. Cons: need West Africa permit, which is 6000-8000 fame depending on nation (http://unchartedwaters.olous.com/tips-guides/6).

4. Silver/Gold dust/Caribbean specialties/Ginger to Northern Europe. Need port permits of course.
This is the route I am experimenting right now with, as going to India takes 3 hours of sailing there and back.
Silver is attractive as you can buy it for 1.2-1.5k in Santo Domingo, and sell for around 4000 in Northern Europe. Also with precious metal trading skill you can load it up quite quickly with sailing to San Juan and back.
Another great commodity is Ginger, can buy it for 250 or so in Jamaica, sells for 2000-2500.
Also every specialty except peanuts can get you around 1000-1500 profit per item, good exp and fame. Thats cacao, tobacco, tequila, pineapples.
There is also expensive dye in Jamaica, thyrian purple or something, can get around 3000 profit per item (buy for 4000 sell for 7000).
With trade job I get around 5000-6000 exp per route, and it takes only 1.5-2 hrs at most, earning 1-2m profit (largely depends on goods transported).
Bring Northern Europe specialties to Caribs, or just Dutch Calico for max profits (sells for 1500 profit per item or so).

5. Antique art/Damask fabric/Turkish carpets to Northern Europe.
If you can buy these for good prices (till 110-115%), can sell for 2-3k profit per item in Northern Europe.
The problem is that sailing to Beirut from Amsterdam takes a lot of time, Caribbean is a better choice imo.

Long distance trade

One word - India :)
The ultimate trade route, takes ages, but profit is too attractive to resist.
When sailing to India, you can earn around 1-1.5m with Europe->India trip.
When going back, the profits are insane.
For example sold Ruby/Sapphire for 15k ea in Antwerp yesterday. Can buy these for 3-5k in Ceylon.
Other great goods: Cat's eye, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pepper, Aventurine.
Gem trading is very helpful, also spice trading would help too.
Need lots of fame to get permits though.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Uncharted Waters Online Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips for Uncharted Waters Online, it may come in handy once you read this one.

- The higher your court rank the larger the safe capacity.

- Whenever the total level becomes +5 collect presents from Level Supporter NPCs around town.

- You can produce food items that recovers vigour with cooking skills.

- Use the purchase order to reset purchasable amount of trade goods.

- Talk to the NPCs around the city mansion to learn new skills.

- When the ship's durability is low use repair skill to recover.

- Open a bazaar anywhere anytime by going to Community -> Bazaar.

- Click on the person icon on the bottom right of the chat window to gesture.

- Travel on auto-sailing mode by using sail control skill. In auto-sailing mode, ship's speed comes up to fastest speed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Advanced School Guide (All Class)

Now that you have reached the last stages of the advanced class you will learn
how to make the most out of your career.

With no further a due let’s go through where the Advanced Voyager Training School is,
learn about its curriculum, and how to complete it successfully.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Adventurer's Final Exam (Intermediate)

Below is about the adventurer's final exam (Intermediate)  quest,
  which is the last lesson of the Adventure Course for the Intermediate School.
The most notable fact about this quest is that there are three selections to choose from.
Finishing any one of these will get you past the Intermediate Adventure Course.
Wondering why there are three selections in one quest?
That's because the tests purpose is to see if you have learned all the skills
that needed for the job of your choice, as well as to train the users in the process of the test.
There are a total of six adventure class jobs to choose from.
> Biologist, Fisher, Surveyor, Helmsperson, Explorer, Excavator
Now let's find out how the quests are relevant to each job and where to acquire new skills step-by-step!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Merchant's Final Exam (Intermediate)

Below is about the Merchant's Final Exam (Intermediate) quest,
which is the last lesson in the Trade Course for the Intermediate School.
The most prominent feature of this quest is that there are four quests on the request list.
Completing one quest among the four will pass the exam.
I am sure you all wonder why there are four quests on the list
when completing just one will get you past!
It is because the whole purpose of the exam is to see
if you have the ability to make use of the skills that come with the job
you have selected from the first collection of merchant jobs.
To recap, there are a total of seven jobs a merchant hopeful can choose from.
> Accountant, Yarn Dealer, Chandler, Foods Dealer, Mineral Trader, Medicine Trader,
   Animal Trader.

Now with the basics covered let’s see what the quest is all about.
Then we will go through where the recipes can be acquired.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Battle Campaign Guide

Uncharted Waters Online will be implementing a new battle system that will happen once a month but it will last for a whole week, 24/7. Battle out with your friends or bring glory to your country. Let them see how strong your cannons are or seize the day with strategies and man power. Here's a guide about the new battle system.

[Captain's Log] No Place Like Home

Source: [Captain's Log] No Place Like Home

Captain Anjel's Log                               
by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite
February 15th, 1495

Ahoy mates, another entry for another week, one that takes me off the oceans for a bit of rest and enjoyment. While there’s always sailing to be done, there are times when you need to come off the ship and find a place to relax with your mates or stash some of your booty. Surely the bank vault is a helpful place for storing items of great importance, but we all know you can’t stash everything in there. Not only is it costly to switch out your gear or place your most precious of items. This is where buying some housing comes in, which you can also purchase from the bank in your home town for 5 million ducats. Even the free room you get at the dormitory has some small cubby space to put some of your loot it’s when you lay down some of your hard earned ducats to upgrade to normal housing that it begins to open up storage for several kinds of gear.

You can store the following types and numbers of items in your Rank 1 housing.
  • Equipment - 2
  • Documents - 2
  • Reserve Aides - 1
  • Ship Parts/Hardwares - 2
  • Trade Goods - 2
  • Mannequin - 1
  • Consumables - 2
  • Skill Books - 0 (Requires a Book shelf/Case)
  • Display Ornaments – 1

Of course when you upgrade the ranks of your housing it will open up more spaces for storing the various types of items. This is always handy as you progress through your travels collecting Fame and Ranks. You also have to spend some money and have some items on hand to complete the redesign, but this makes for extra spaces when your inventory is full and you need to save some important items that might not value enough for the vault yet keep them somewhere relatively safe.

An additional way to increase the space you have for storage in your home is to buy or craft furniture that you can place in your home. Different pieces of furniture affect which spaces you add to, and with the case of bookshelves/case, you open the door to allow for the storage of skill books rather than having to carry them around with you all the time. Furniture can be bought from other players whom have crafted them or acquired them from quests/discoveries or during special events. How you place them of course is a matter of taste and while you might not plan to use your home as anything more than an additional storage unit, you don’t want to clutter things up either. My old captain always told me neatness might not make money but it keeps the rats off the ship.

Finally, aside from giving your reserve aides somewhere to rest their weary heads and a place for you and 4 visitors to meet in some measure of privacy, perhaps for a rousing game of cards or just to trade old sea stories. You might find the need to protect the fruits of your labours, you might trust your friends but you never know with some of the old salty sea dogs out there. You can, with the appropriate trapping skill, set traps to protect your treasures, to defend your home from any blighters who might want to make off with your hard earned, fought, or pillaged loot. You never know about some of them pirate blokes out there in the world, better to be prepared and have a good trap ready to snap than to lose something you might rather not. Either way, save up your money and buy yourself a place to rest your weary bones and store your precious booty.

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti

Monday, March 7, 2011

UWO's New Update: Ankor

Uncharted Waters Online announced that they are going release a new update which named "ANKOR Update". It will open new regions of the world to be explore by players. A new battle system that will spice up the game of those who loves sea battles and raise the flag of their nations. Also, an event where you can follow the route of a famous adventurer which is Ferdinand Magellan.

● Regional Expansion

South East Asia reveals its mysterious legends. Unique architecture and village will entertain players, and new quests of searching ruins of Angkor Wat will begin. Also, South Pacific and Oceania routes will open to show its charming and beautiful wildness.

● New Naval Battle System

 All countries will fight for the control of the sea starting on 15th of every month. This battle will go on for 7 days straight, and qualified player can recruit best Battle Ships of their country as their crew. Maximum 10 vs. 10 battle is possible, and winning crew will receive special rewards and advantages. Spontaneously emerging battles of the open sea is a noticeable feature of Uncharted Waters Online.

● World Tour Challenge

Open sea of South Pacific enables to follow the sail routes of Magellan who is known as the very first man to have sailed around the world. Along with the world tour mission, players will encounter more challenging and rewarding quests.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maritime Final Exam (Beginner)

Below is about the Maritime Final Exam (Beginner) quest,
which is the last lesson in the beginner sailing class in the Beginner's School.

※ This quest is for

In this quest, you’ll learn about naval battles, and you can complete the quest by defeating 2 Pirate Ship NPCs with Instructor Alan NPC.

◈ Quest Simple Strategy

* 1st Step: Start the final examination

    >>  Instructor Alan NPC (In front of the School)

* 2nd Step: 'Halt the exam, launch attack'

    >>  Instructor Alan NPC (In front of the Port Official)

* 3rd Step:
   >> Official NPC (In front of the port)
   ① Seville, Lisbon : Hurry to the south of Faro!
   ② Venice : Hurry to the south of Trieste!
③ Marseille: Hurry to the southeast of Montpellier!
④ Amsterdam: Hurry to the north of Helder!
   ⑤ London: Hurry to the south of Dover!

* 4th Step: Beat the pirate ship

   >>  Pirate Ship (Refer to the table below)

School Location
Locations of Pirate Ship NPCs
Seville, Lisbon
South of Faro
15801, 3281
South of Trieste
Southeast of Montpellier
north of Helder
66, 2450

* 5th Step: Actual battle experience

   >>  Instructor Alan NPC (at the Port)

* Complete Info : Beginning Maritime Course Final Exam--Passed!

◈ Quest Strategy

I’ll tell you how to find a Pirate Ship NPC in detail. Go to the sea as Port Official NPC told you in Quest Stage 3, and you’ll see a Pirate Ship NPC. When it’s hard to find the location of a Pirate Ship NPC in the ocean, refer to the coordinates below to make it easier to find it.

Pirate Ship NPC appears in different locations according to the locations of the Beginner's
School Location
Locations of Pirate Ship NPCs
Seville, Lisbon
South of Faro
15801, 3281
South of Trieste
Southeast of Montpellier
north of Helder
66, 2450

In a naval battle, the gage in the bottom right corner of the screen will be filled with red color. When the mark on the enemy ship turns red, press the Space bar to fire a cannon and inflict critical damage.

You’ll win the battle by killing all the sailors on the enemy ship or sinking all the enemy ships.

                                  [The image you get when you win a battle]

You can also choose to start a melee battle if you’re close to the enemy ship.
To finish the melee battle, click the [Retreat] button in the bottom right corner of the screen, and the fight will be stopped at a certain success rate.
                            [An image of a melee battle in progress]

You have learned how to do the Maritime Final Exam (Beginner) quest.
This is about it. Sailors, I hope you complete this quest. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trader Final Exam (Beginner)

Below is about the Trader Final Exam (Beginner)quest, which is the last lesson in the beginner trade class at in the Beginner's School.

※ This quest is for trade only, so you will have this quest only when you have chosen
    the Trade Class.

In the  quest, you'll learn how to check the market prices of trade goods and how to sell them. You can complete the quest simply by obtaining information from certain NPCs.

The NPCs you need to meet in order to complete the quest are as follows:

◈ Quest Strategy

* 1st Step: To benefit from trade goods

    >>  Instructor Alan NPC (in front of the School)

* 2nd Step: Final examination

    >>  Instructor Alan NPC (in front of the Market)

* 3rd Step: Test for beginners' commerce course

    >>  Market Keeper NPC (Market)

* 4th Step: Meeting peddlers again
    >>  Travelling Merchant NPC (Refer to the table below)
School Location
Locations of Travelling Merchant NPCs
Seville, Lisbon
In front of Faro Market
In front of Trieste Market
In front of Montpellier Market
In front of Groningen Market
In front of Dover Market

* 5th Step: Trade completed

* 6th Step: Passed the final examination
    >>  Instructor Alan NPC (In front of the market in the requested city.)

* Complete Info: Completed Beginning Business

It's very easy to complete the quest since the quest can be completed by simply talking
to certain NPCs as required according to the progress of the quest.

You have learned how to do the Trader Final Exam (Beginner) quest so far.
This is about it.  I hope you can also complete the Trader course (Beginner) with this guide.