Sunday, January 2, 2011

Basic Maritime Tutorials by GA_Darkfiend

GA_Darthfiend message to visitors.

 Hey guys, Ive been getting a lot of messages about certain issues with UWO maritime by newer users about how to handle certain situations within

battling certain groups of ships. Ive made the first vid last night.

I'll be updating this thread as new videos are made.

if there's a video you would like to see made or a walkthrough,  please post on this thread >>CLICK HERE<< what you would like to see and i will do my best to put the video up as soon as possible.

GA_darthfiend's guide: UWO maritime basic (galleys)

Video below are strategies to do when being attacked by mob of ships.

Thank you for visiting!! Hope you learned something and you remember em all.

Good Luck and Have fun!

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