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Guide to make Aide Food

I.    Introduction

II.   Why i did the Walkthrough
III.  Legend

IV. Walkthrough

V. Credit

I.    Introduction

This is my first guide so please take it easy on me. If you have any ideas or corrections, reply to this post so i can edit this guide and make it even better.

II.   Why I did the Walk through

Basically to make life easier and to save time. I got tired of having to look for the Food-name-ingredient over and over again and double checking translation errors over and over.
Also, I think anyone could have made this guide, but spending the time to get it done is a another question. Since no one did one, I was like, "OK, Ill do it" and get it over with it.

III.  Legend

I will use the in-game labels since even the Jap wiki and English wiki have, at times, different names. Even the in-game names are sometimes different as the Recipe Title. So this guide may come in handy.
There are basically 2 ways to get the aide food ingredients. One way is just to buy them from in-game clerks.  The other way is to make all the ingredients from scratch. For self-usage, I recommend using method A; for commercial use, method B (because of quantity).
Buying from clerks does not require port hopping, and the quantity refreshes every 5 minutes. The amount of ingredients offered by the clerks during each refresh period is completely random. It could be anywhere between 2-98. Also, you might have to compete with other players.

Bought from Clerk in Town - Recipe book - Dish names -ingredient
Method A) Fava bean soup - Seville
Method B) Nutritional Recipes-"Broad Bean Soup-Broad"-Beans+Pork

IV. Walkthrough


Fava bean soup - Seville
Nutritional Recipes-"Broad Bean Soup-Broad"-Beans+Pork

Salmon meuniere - London
North Sea Seafood-"Roasted Salmon & Butter"-Flour+Butter+Salmon

Muffins - London
Bread Basic-"White British bread"-Butter+Flour+Egg


Bouillabaisse - Marseilles
Western M. Cuisine Collection-"Seafood saffron stew"-Fish+Bouquet garni+saffron

Lamb and turnip - Tunis/Alexandria/Istanbul
(Meat Hospitality(investment)-"Lamb and Turnip"-Mutton+soup+turnip)

Boule - Marseilles
Beautiful Bread-"Round French bread"-Flour+Butter


Shrimp marinade - Seville
Invest Riga (development) Luxury Scandinavian Cuisine- "????" - Shrimp+???

Rye bread with raisins - Amsterdam
Beautiful Bread-"Raisin Bread"-Rye+Flour+Raisins

Almond biscuits - Lisbon
Confectionery for beginners-"Almond biscuit"-Eggs+Flour+Almonds


Lentil and bacon soup - Lisbon
Nutritional Recipes-"Bean & bacon soup"-Red Beans+Bacon

Meat pie - Genoa/Pisa/Naples
Mastering Pie-"Meat Pie"-Puff Pastry+Beef

Assorted fruits - Marseilles
Confectionery with Fruits-"Assorted Fruits"-Honey+(2)Berries


Mahashi - Venice/Athens
Eastern M. Cuisine Collection-"Asia Minor stuffing"-Wetland Rice+Lamb+Herb Salt

Lamb and turnip - Tunis/Alexandria/Istanbul
(Meat Hospitality(investment)-"Lamb and Turnip"-Mutton+soup+turnip)

Rye bread with raisins - Amsterdam
Beautiful Bread-"Raisin Bread"-Rye+Flour+Raisins


Bagel - Pisa/Genoa/Naples
Bread Basic-"Hard, round bread"-Eggs+Flour

Portuguese bouillabaisse - Lisbon
Western M. Cuisine Collection-"Seafood hot pot"-Bouquet garni+(3)Spear Squid+Crabs

Consommé soup - Seville
Simple Recipe -"Consume Soup Secret"- Onion+Poultry+Salt

V. Credit

Special thanks goes to Jap./Eng Wiki for helping me to gather the data and helping me figure out which one goes to which. Also, thanks to SANDY and Object who sent me the info about where to buy the food from clerks. PhatBastard for correcting my poor English in this guide.
If you appreciated this guide send me a in game tell, my name is Olink.

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