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Sea adventures of Frei Lockensmith

Source: Sea adventures of Frei Lockensmith

Note of author:
Because of several reasons I am starting with a new character. This log is about this character and so it starts from the first day in the academy.
There is an important thing about the gameplay I'll perform with this new character - It'll be role play and as part of that I won't be using the minimap. Anything I'll want to find I'll do on blind,  both in city as well as on the sea. I'll just use the port permits map, and the compas. So don't be surprised if the character get lost soon after the story starts :o)

Ship's log

Frei Lockensmith

a daughter of Sebastian Lockensmith and Jasmine Muharra

12th October 1584 - London, England

If somebody would tell me few month ago that I'd go on sea voluntarily, I'd smile at him. Actually, I don't trust the seas. Many men lost their lives in the waves. It's not a place for a man, the less for a woman. But the circumstances drove me to leave our house in Northampton and set for London. I, the one who has at least a deadly respect from the sea, if not a fear, am now starting my path as a sailor - just for the love.

It's already over a year since my fiance got lost. Unlike me, he loved the sea and not long before he got lost he got his 'big' chance as he called it. A large ship, 'Conqueror of Seas' was recruiting sailors for a 2 months discovery voyage and he applied. The ship never returned nor a single word from anywhere came about it. Many already told me to forget, but I can't. The only thing I can do is to find him, or at last try it.

My father don't know about my trip. He wouldn't allow me to continue. I'll write him tomorrow that I am alright, but he must not learn where I am. In London I visited Adventurer's Guild. There was 'Conqueror of Seas' registered. I hoped they'd give me some more information about it's voyage, but they knew nothing. When I told the Guild Master about my intention to find my fiance, he told me to give up any chances to hire a captain for that task. He warned me that many already tried to find Conqueror of Seas, but no one succeeded. By the Guild Master it would be a waste of money. When I told him that I'd then become a captain myself and set on voyage, he looked serious, but not surprised. He just asked whether I have experience with sailing on sea and advised me to join Maritime Academy to learn the necessary basics.

The Guild Master presented me at the academy and everything went smoothly. Yes, I am now officially a student of the Maritime Academy in London. But to go forward I still need a ship. And I don't know where to get it yet.
For now I paid for a room in the tavern to have a place to sleep.

13th October 1584 - London, England

My problem with the ship was only short living. Today I persuaded an old friend from childhood, who now lives in London, to lend me a small old ship he used in his earlier days. He complained at first that out there are too much dangers for me, but when I insisted he agreed. In the end he said that once I am already on Academy, I'll need that ship now anyway. The dangers on the sea are scaring me however more than he can imagine.

I took today also my first lesson in the Academy. My instructor is Alan, an older man with glasses, silver long hair, but a kind voice. The first lesson took place at shipyard. Alan introduced shipwright to me and spoke about preparations needed before setting sail. I hope I won't forget anything. Speech came also on shipwrecks. What a good topic for me...

14th October 1584 - London, England

Today Alan took me to Port where he introduced the basics about sailing. I met there with a young boy, a beginning adventurer, almost like me. Unlike me however, he is eager to set sail. I was afraid we would go on sea already, but luckily we stayed only in calm water of Thames.

The evening I spent walking along the banks of the port watching the large ships docking, just to find out later how thick books I have to learn about sailing and sea.

15th October 1584 - London, England

Today Alan took me to local tavern. I laugh at first about that he want teach me I should eat when I am hungry, but later I was surprised how important tavern is for sailors. Alan spoke there about morale of the crew. There I got also a chance to taste a Honey Pancake from one little local girl. It was delicious. I must get a recipe from her someday.

We kept practicing sailing on the Thames. I am glad for that Alan is not in a hurry for sailing at sea.

I am still reading the thick book and won't finish it any soon. There are so many things to learn and the more I learn, the more new unknown things to learn appear. It's just three days and I am thinking about giving up already. But how can I abandon my heart?

16th October 1584 - London, England

I am not sure if Alan recognized I am depressed or not, but he definitely made today's lecture more than interesting. He took me to local shops! He even encouraged me to improve my wardrobe whenever I can. Who would ever believe that outfit is so important for sailors? For now is everything too expensive for me however.

On ship we was today training a cooperation between the captain (me) and the crew.

17th October 1584 - London, England

Yesterday gave me new energy to continue. We visited shipyard again today. Today's lecture was about 'dressing' a ship. I didn't even imagine there can be so much of different equippment for a ship. Until now it was for me just a mesh of wood, nails, ropes and sails. Now each part of the mesh got a name and sense.
The workers in the shipyard were all so kind. Unexpectedly they gave me as a present a small sail and a plating for a ship. All was immediatelly equipped on the ship borrowed from my friend. This was the first day I was doing some real work on it. At least I could try all the knots I was learning past few days in real.

18th October 1584 - London, England

Today we went on market. Alan wanted to explain me the trade over sea. My father is a trader and I learned a lot about trading from him, so I was familiar with everything Alan was going to speak about. The lecture went quickly and we ended sooner than at other days. Before he released me from the lesson, Alan mentioned my father's name and asked me how my father is looking on my adventuring studies. I don't remember already what lie I told him, but I was hesitating with the answer so much that Alan is surely suspecting me now from being here against father's will.

I asked Alan what the next lecture will be about but he refused to tell me. I hope he is not going to send me home.

I used the rest of day to practice on the ship, but I was so distracted by other thoughts that we didn't left a peer. It was mostly a work with sails and knots.

19th October 1584 - Coasts near London, England

We set sail today on the sea, leaving the waters of Thames, but staying within sight of London's sea port. By instructors from academy I am experienced enough to enter the salt waters. I must say that my deadly respect from the sea after days spent on the river isn't that large as the first day, but still I am internally fighting with it. But I must admit that the first day on the sea wasn't bad at all. The only trouble was a dense sea traffic that ruled around London's port this morning. We left port with sail mostly closed, moving forward quite slowly, until most of the ships didn't leave. Besides having to taste the feel of sailing on sea, we have also another quest out here - find a practice ship of the academy and simulate a sea fight. It is joined with training of ship's recognition. In the dense traffic in the morning it was quite difficult to keep checking all the banners and finding our target. The battle is decided to take place tomorrow. It seems to be bright night today.

20th October 1584 - Coasts near London, England

Today the training battle took place. The simulation was harder than I ever expected however. Real ammunition was used on both sides, which scared me totally off when I learned about it.
We approached the practice ship from NNW. When the ship came within range, I ordered turn to the right to expose our port side. A thundering shot echoed back from the rocky coast of England, and I could clearly see with my telescope how pieces of wood flied off the hull of the ship. Realizing we inflicted a real damage I ordered to hold the fire. The practice ship in the meantime crossed our path behind us and shoot into our stern. I ordered to turn hard right, turning our starboard to the ship. A second shot came from the practice ship hitting our side. The commander yelled at met that I shouldn't think about the ammunition now or the other ship would send us to the bottom of the sea. That led me even more out of balance. With a strongly shaving voice I got just 'Y-yes' out of me. Commander turned to the sailors and ordered to fire by himself. Our prepared starboard cannon almost immediately answered, like it was eagerly awaiting that moment. I stayed behind, just watching the scene. Now I realize how pathetic I was at that moment. A woman in the middle of a sea fight. The same thing the sailors probably thought about me. Commander kept the practice ship against our starboard and two more shots from our cannon ended the battle.

21st October 1584 - London, England

We returned back to London. I am happy for that because I wouldn't be able to endure the strange looks of my crew any longer. I epically failed.

22nd October 1584 - London, England

Alan showed me the city today and most of the important places there. I don't have a taste to even enter a ship today. I think I'll spend the evening just by thinking about my chances on the academy.

23rd October 1584 - Northern Sea, SE from London

We are on the sea again. As a part of my training Alan sent me to find 'Travels of Marco Polo'. From the archive of London I've learned it should be available in Antwerp. I had to search for the city for a while on the maps, but real troubles were awaiting on me with my crew. I found my men in the tavern, drunk as a picture. When they saw me, they yelled on whole the tavern: 'Hey! Isn't this our brave capt'n? All corners are shaving in fear with uncertainty in which she'll huddle next time!' I wished for some magical spell to make me disappear from there. Angry about their drunken status and embarrassed by my publically proclaimed failure I pushed them all out. Whole the tavern laugh loudly about that scene. I forced my men to nearest barrel to take a cold water on their faces, but in their status it was already useless. I had to postpone the departure for several hours before the sailors were capable of some work on the ship.

We are sailing SE. Coasts of England are still visible behind, and those of Netherlands are appearing in front of us. I must go to correct the course to Antwerp. Maybe we'll see already the lights.

26th October 1584 - Antwerp, Netherlands

This travel showed how inaccurate I am still in predictions of distances. The trip took a bit longer than I expected, but finally we are in Antwerp. We arrived around noon. It's a small town and finding church didn't take too long. I have what Alan sent me for already. In the afternoon I spoke with the townspeople trying to find out something about Conqueror of Seas. Nobody saw it here however, nor the local fishermen. At the evening I invited my crew on a drink. After taking a round of Rum, the commander apologized for the earlier behavior of the men. Everything is forgiven, moreover, I deserved it. We take a rest here and tomorrow we set for a trip back to London.

29th October 1584 - Coasts of England

We are closing to London. Commander showed me some kinds of sea gulls that surrounded our ship and explained me their behavior and habits. He is a good man and knows a lot about the sea and the sea life.

30th October 1584 - London, England

It took us 3 days to get back to London from Antwerp. The sea was calm for whole the trip and the days were sunny.

To be Continued...

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