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[UWO Captain's Log] Day in the Life of Adventurer

Source: Day in the Life of Adventurer

December 21st 1494

When I first felt the call of the sea, it was during a chat with my grand father by the fire when I was but a child. He regaled me with many a sea tale as his time on the ocean when he was a young lad. His stories of distant ports and amazing wonders sparked within me a deep yearning to carry out my own escapades across strange waters and into unknown lands. In my heart I knew I had a wild sense of adventure, and it was to that purpose I worked my way through school and struck out at first as an Adventurer, bent on discovering amazing artifacts and wondrous locations and exciting new animals. I was inspired of his tales of Egypt and great wonders to behold on the dunes that seemed to him to be near endless.

His tales of the Far East with the different architecture and manner of dress; as well as the ivory of Africa mingled with stories of tribal women and savoury spices. All of which built up until I was ready to take sail and make my own discoveries, seeking treasures unknown and make my fortune finding relics for wealthy patrons.

So it was as I completed adventurer school, I was prepared to embark on my journeys, I loaded my ship with supplies, made sure my sailors were aware of the coming travels, prepared my equipment, and of course sharpened my blade. Even in the land not far from the many towns and ports I would land at, trouble seemed to roam the countryside. With bandits and pirates roaming the countryside to waylay unprepared travellers, it was always in my best interests to be thoroughly prepared.

My next step was off to the Library to consult with the resident scholar and comb through historical tomes and maps. Looking for clues and maps to some yet to be discovered wonder. Even as I collected maps to search and exploit the riches I might find, I signed myself up to Guild Quests. Even if my own maps didn’t pan out, there were patrons willing to fund expeditions looking for a particular artifact, location, and other amazing finds. I sharpened my skills, reading and executing smaller maps to improve my skills and abilities to be able to find the really exciting items, through searching, recognition, collecting, and researching I’ve made my way around the Mediterranean.

Any well rounded adventurer will tell you that relying on only one type of historical hunting will of course improve your chances of finding better discoveries of that type. However diversifying can yield interesting results. I’ve found artifacts to aid me in my travels to discover other types of treasures and animals. Items of various types came to me in my travels as I searched and excavated pieces of the past. Finding the great statues of Greece, the treasures of soldiers and monks, finding money and usable equipment that I might otherwise not have know about made it’s way into my hands as I worked and discovered. Observing land marks, searching the countryside for clues and directions to make my discoveries and reap the benefits.

I’ve discovered amazing statues of gods and goddesses nearly forgotten; I have discovered the relics of ancient times and currency. Searching and unlocking some of the more interesting packages is part of the fun and joys of an adventurer, for the ancients locked up their valuables much as we do and it can take someone who is well skilled to unlock some of the greatest wonders, or troves of treasures and money, special equipment, accessories and artifacts.

Being known for locating something truly amazing is part of the adventurer’s dream. Not only to make my fortune; but also to increase my ability to sail further into the unknown and increase my fame as an adventurer and attain recognition throughout the civilized world. All in all the life as an adventurer has its ups and downs. I’ve had moments of finding mere pottery rather than some stupefying discovery. I’ve gone in search of some treasure, only to discover amazing new flora and fauna. I’ve traveled and seen some amazing locales that deprived me of speech. I enjoy being an adventurer, and hopefully I will someday discover something so rare and amazing I can be a large figure in the history books to be written. Pushing every onward into the unknown to find and discover what awaits any hearty sailor willing to look deep into the forests and jungles of our world.

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti 

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