Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aztec Update of Uncharted Waters Online

Uncharted Waters Online will be releasing an update which they called Aztec update on January 11, 2011. It contains new maps, features and system to satisfy players in playing the game. To give you some idea about the update.

New City

Players can team up and build a city on a deserted island or on empty plains. The unknown world can turn into an education capital, military capital, or academic capital according to the preferences of the adventurers.

To develop the New World, players must come together under their national flag. The new continent discovered by each country will be evaluated according to the following three categories: cultural level, commerce level, armament level. The village's trend will be determined by the three levels.

Imperial Quest

In order to find new lands players must accept an Imperial Quest from each nation's monarch or doge. The discovery of new land holds great interest for the nation and could influence its status. Candidates must have an entry permit for all waters discovered by the Western Europe Countries.

My Recipes

The update will implement a very useful system. In order to ease the trouble carrying multiple recipes, the new update will offer players to make their own recipes. With the completion of Imperial Quest or delivering supplies to the developing cities. Players can earn some special permission to produce new recipe. Players can pick one skill in each recipe to create one, and the one previously owned will be deleted from the inventory.

Docking System

Dock system will only be activated when their city is developed into Metropolitan City. Some ducat and the Charter of National Contribution will be needed to get the dock system running, and once it will be established. A player can dock and undock the ship at any nation.

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