Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Blasphemy Concealed in an Art"

I received a message last night about something that was shocking. I am a fan of Lady Gaga because of her amazing and undeniable talent. She has the look, stunning voice, and stated fashion. I love her for being unique and fashionable. Yes, I am a fan. But a question started to wander inside my mind, "Am I having a sin for adoring her?".

The text goes like this...
ALEJANDRO=defender and protector of man(GOD).
FERNANDO=ardent for peace and bravery(JESUS).
ROBERTO=bright and shining(HOLY SPIRIT).

  Incorporate this into the lyrics:

 "Don't call my name don't call my name Alejandro(God)"
"I'm not your Babe (child) I'm not your Babe (child)Fernando(Jesus)"
"Don't call my name don't call my name Roberto(Holy Spirit)"

And I briefly analyzed the whole situation thinking about the meaning of the song and the video (She was putting a rosary inside her mouth. An act of disclaiming the whole sanctuary of God)

I read all the similar articles and sadly, I really don't want to believe that this very talented human being can be what the prophecy is saying, that the anti-christ was born! However if that's the case, as a catholic, I will continue my tasks as one of the creations of God. I'm going to spread God's wisdom and love.

I am here because of God. All the happy and successful things that happened to me is because God allowed me to live. I love God and nothing could break the bond between us. I'm offering myself to Him as He sacrificed His own son for his love to all human beings.

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KyAus said...

Wow. That's pretty insane. I didn't even think like this. I was just enjoying the song. Does it make me a sinner because I sang the song?

Miller said...

wow...thanks for sharing!
See you in-game UWO...hope to come across you one day.
My ship is named "thePopeMobil" with a square rig with white/yellow sails :)