Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bioshock 2 Sailing its Way for Our Satisfaction!

I've been in this game for quite sometime now but I've become too attached that I end up browsing more stuff about it. Bioshock was one of those games I love beside Fallout. It always gave me the thrill effect but obviously this is one of those successful game made in our generation.

Check out this latest news about Bioshock 2! You can now own a Bioshock Collectibles by visiting their site. I took some of the images that I already put on my To-Buy List:

 Little Sister Figurine
This hand-painted figurine is cast in ceramic and will cost you $10.00. This is 3 inches high to scale the previously released Big Daddy figurine (right image)

Limited Edition Sinclair Syringe Pen
This is worth $34.99 with refillable rollerball ink in a customized Bioshock gift box.

I also include here this latest video from people behind Bioshock 2. They featured the Bioshock 2 Limited Edition Box together with its content. I lol'd on the last part. Keep it up! and give us more successful games like this! Let's all go to Rapture!!!

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