Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Spirit of Liquor in the Game You Play

Liquor! Yes, one of the vices that people can't resist of. There's no successful party without alchohol. Beer, vodka, whiskey, rhum, name it! As a young woman, you always see me partying with friends. And if you say party, smoking and drinking are the usual activity we do. I've seen this on the internet when I was browsing for a cocktail I wanted to try. I became curious when I read that it has something to do with one of my favorite games, Bioshock. Amazing as it is, I continued browsing and found other sites that offers liquor drink based on the game people usually play. And it made me want to post it here on my blog. Now, playing will be more fun. And partying will double the booster when you see this drinks served for you.
 Rapture's Delight
Inspired by Bioshock 2, with absinthe and whiskey, this will surely rock your world. You might wanna say thank you to Andrew Ryan.

Let's play as Jack and let's have some Plasmid drink before we get through Rapture

Extra life after Game Over

Inspired by Final Fantasy 

Special thanks to Nemesis Scientist, whoever you are, you amazed me in some ways by posting this on your blog. I just loved the fact that my game contributed an idea for making Plasmid Cocktail ^_^

**You can check the sites for more detail of each drinks.

For more Game inspired drinks refer to the links below:

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