Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Create UWO Character?

After the long and thrilling wait I finally had the chance to play Uncharted Water Online. Of course, since this was the first time playing Uncharted Online, I didn't skip the tutorial. I want to learn every single detail of the game, though I have experience playing Tales of Pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean and had a few moments playing Bounty Bay, Uncharted Water seemed very different. But I still manage to learn easily. The tutorial was indeed helpful.  The quest was easy and you can finish the quest in no time through the use of some hints given by the NPC. I made my first character and I named her Amaya. The good thing on UWO is that you can edit or modify everything that you did from the start. Like if you wanted to change your country, your quest, your clothes, or even your character, you can do so. The graphics are fantastic not to mention that you can change the setting to Window Mode with higher resolution. It will be your option. The only thing that irritates me while playing are the background music and the character's speed. The sound was quite boring. It seemed continues and it is obviously repeating in your ear. Unlike other games where you can be thrilled or something to better enjoy the game. Then the character, I noticed that it's time consuming when he's on his quest. I even asked my friend, "Does this has teleportation ability?". But all in all the game is worth playing. I told my friends they better try the game before they throw it to "Not-Interesting-Game" bin.

Here's how to create Uncharted Waters Online Character:

Choose your nationality. You must read the caption of each of the country to further help you choose.

Then choose which character you want to portray. You can click on the avatar then customize it from the box below.  

Select what job do you want to master.

Dress up your character.

Give your character an in-game name.

A result and/or a confirmation about the character you made. Click on the Complete Button if you're done.

Upon proceeding, you will encounter the information desk, you have to approach him and talk to him. He will give you some items that will help you as you do your quest. You will start on the tutorial before you can do your quest. You also have to go to school to master your job skills. Remember that every NPC is giving a hint for you to finish your quest. Experience the game, gain skill points, and battle!!!

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