Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Redbana (AAU) Memoirs

I've been in this community for a year now. And it saddened to leave everything. We all need to move on though. But I tell you, Redbana became a part of me. It became my virtual community aside from the real one. I logged in to forum and in game everyday just to check if everything's working smoothly. I used to hang out on forum to wait for a player who needs a Game Master. It became my routine for a year, to log in game and to be with the players. I met most of them and some of them became my friends. I loved how they respect me and how they treat me as a normal player. Everyone seemed very nice. And I'm very thankful I had a chance to know them.

By the way, this video was made because Hengbok loves me so much... LOLz! My last 1 2 Party (my favorite mode) as a GM.

I used to create an event with PUPUNG. Our imaginations and ideas made all the events possible. Well, PUPUNG's the one who taught me how to use photoshop =) He was so proud when I made the design for our December event last year. Thanks to all the GMs. Until now we're still friends though Superbanana/Bananaman and DancingBanana already left we still see each other. In fact we had a party last two weeks together with the new GMs' colleagues. "xyfa, pupung, icon, superbanana, and dancingbanana are friends, and will remain friends."

From being a GM to a normal player, I experienced all of it - to be respected and to be insulted at the same time. But I tried to keep myself as numb as possible. Besides, no one's perfect. All I did was to think that people do have weaknesses and mistakes and that those people who keep on insulting me had nothing to do. And I shouldn't blame them rather pity them. Because they don't have feelings.

Some of them had issue regarding my language. I don't blame them. English is my second language. I don't have to explain myself if they would attack me like crap. If they're gonna judge me because I don't use proper grammar, then I guess I have to judge them by having unacceptable attitude.

And yes I know I have to move on. I'm going to miss everyone. Especially my friends in Audition. To Auditioneers, thanks for everything you've taught me, for the fun times I had with you all in game, for the respect and love. I hope I served you well. To my friends, thank you and i love you. I will never forget you all and will surely keep in touch. =)

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