Thursday, July 8, 2010

Incapacity to Believe It's True

I was browsing and posting on a forum and I saw a thread - "Worst Fast Food Meal in America". I became curious and clicked it. I am a very big fan of fast food meal. I can live with it. I have an appetite when it comes to Wendy's burger, Burger King's whopper, KFC's chicken, and any kind of pizza and pasta. When I have money I know where to go, Fast Food Chain. When I'm depressed, I know what to eat. And when I'm feeling lucky, I know where to treat my friends. Then I read this...

I'm always on a diet. But I can't resist not eating these stuff. After reading the article and knew how many calories I'm ingesting, I know I need to work hard to reach my desired weight and to lock myself in a diet full of healthy goodies. -facepalm-

1 comment:

Al said...

Hayz! Of course! FAST FOOD = CALORIES! Everyone should know better.. ~(^_^)~