Thursday, July 29, 2010

Social Networking: "Why is it so In Demand?"

I never really liked computers before. The only thing that kept me sitting in front of the monitor is when I'm playing games. I never imagined myself to be like this, to stay half of the day on my computer. My sister suggested that I should browse the internet so I made my fist e-mail account on Yahoo! I begun meeting new people because she taught me how to chat through iMRC. My online friends asked for my Friendster account. They knew I don't have that so they taught me how to create one. I had hundreds of friends on my Friend's List. Some of them I didn't know, some were my classmates, and some were just people I met online. It's fun knowing that someone remember's you and they'll leave a message for you to read when you logged on. There's this feeling of contentment when you read all those comments, private messages, and shoutout on your page. The feeling that somehow people gives you importance, that some people appreciate your beauty, your success, and your lifestyle. Then it happened that I discovered Facebook.

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I made an account but I never had a chance to use it because most of my friends were using Friendster until last two years. I noticed that most people has Facebook account. I remember when I went to see a friend. She said hi and we hang out. She asked for my Facebook account because she was about to leave. I said "Oh I'm not using my Facebook but you can contact me on my Friendster." She replied, "Dear, you're totally out of the jar! People these days are using Facebook. And Friendster is just a storage of some old pictures!" I realized people were moving to Facebook and that Friendster is waving goodbye. So I opened my Facebook account and update everything. I started adding friends.

Sometimes, I tell myself, without Facebook, I might not have found my childhood friend, my cousin from the other side of the country, and other people that once entered my life. Everyday, I log in to Facebook and it never failed to make me feel fine. I always have notifications - maximum of 50, minimum of 10 in a day. And the reason why I'm always on, the applications. My level 52 on Farmville, my level 46 on Cafe World, etc. I even had time searching cheats (Cheat Engine) for my Fish World, Pet Society, and Restaurant City. I tried almost all the applications available on Facebook. I guess whoever made this site has a brilliant idea and is a genius. It's also because of Facebook, how I knew that there's a movie about social networking. I'm not sure what this is all about. But I heard that it's the story how Facebook become this big and how Facebook... started.

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