Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Game I Fell Inlove With, and Became my Addiction

I started playing Sims on the late summer of 2001. I was on my vacation then as a student. I had nothing to do. So my sister who owned a Net Cafe encouraged me to play this game to kill my undying boredom. I remembered, I was impatient because it took so long loading the game. I created only one character that looked like me. I was just gonna try the game. Then I noticed I was playing Sims for 4 hours straight. I felt like I need to shut down the computer and do some chores at home. But in my mind, I still wanna play and explore. I was curious what will happen next...

I was waiting for my character to come back from her job. I already clicked on the tasks she have to do when she gets home. I'm being impatient again so I clicked fast forward. Yippee!!! She was there taking the newspaper inside her house. I realized that her energy bar was yellow. Indicating that she needs to rest. I guess she's tired from her work. So I canceled all the tasks she's supposed to do that day and I let her sleep on her comfy bed that will give her +5 energy.

I felt like this character is me, that I should take good care of her and give her everything that she needs. Because it made me feel that I'm taking my future on my own hands. And everytime I manipulated her, it feels like I can control everything. And the best part was, I thought that whatever happens to her is what will gonna happen to me in real if I did those things I asked her to do. Her life was full of control. I know when she needs to take a shower, to eat, to watch TV, even when to socialize to her neighborhood and go to visit the town.

I've been with her for months, and something came up. I want to know what will happen if I let her starve, get depressed and stinky. That night I knew she needs to take a bath, to talk to someone, and have her dinner. But I just watched her struggling her starvation, crying. I let her do things her own way, she opened the ref and grabbed some food. She put it on the stove. "Oops! I forgot to buy a fire alarm! It's ok, since that's what I'm planning to." Then there was fire. She screamed and called for help. The fire had spread all over the kitchen. I didn't click her to move to the next room instead, I stared and leaned back on my couch. The fire swallowed her voraciously. And the place went to ashes. Grim Reaper appeared. He took my sims and left a marbled black urn...

I created new characters, that time I created more than one family with different lifestyles, attitudes, abilities, and appearance. I had a religious family, a not-so-kind parents, cheating husband, a maniac girlfriend, nerdy bachelor, etc. I was on my stage of enjoyment. Soon I had to give it up...

It's been four years since I last played Sims. I heard they had new versions and updates. I must admit I missed it. I missed the feelings, the excitement of having a baby, the thrill of earning more money to buy new appliances and gaining achievements. I missed The Sims.

I met a friend who's addicted to computer games. He is not bothered despite of his age. That he's suppose to have a stable job to provide for his everyday needs. Then he knew that I love Sims. He said he remember me saying that's the only computer game I played and that I was addicted when I was a teenager. We celebrated his 26th birthday last week. I didn't have a chance to buy him something. But I was surprised! He bought a full package of Sims 3 for me! I hurriedly went home and installed the love of my life. I was thinking, I've been missing it so bad and now I have it back again!! I created new characters, a single parent dad, an old man who's taking care of his grandson, and a black, voluptuous lady who likes to flirt around. I am so happy I have Sims back. Sometimes I feel that my day won't be complete without a time with my Sims. Now, the grand pa is aging, the daughter of a single-dad just had her birthday and now on schooling, and the black lady has a lover. I don't know how to explain what I'm feeling right now. When I never had a chance to play Sims I get very irritated and annoyed. But there is always my hope that tomorrow is a new day, and that another exciting adventure will come my way along with my Sims ^_^

oops! I'm gonna create an alien later on and have a green monster babies!

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