Friday, July 16, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Well, last night I went party hopping with my friends and got drunk but I was able to go home, thank God. We planned this night a month ago and we were all excited to see each other again since we have different careers now. We really missed each other and we knew that there is so much to talk about. I admit I was excited and thrilled to see them all. A week before the gathering I already chose what to wear on the said occasion. I said I'll be on my pants and just a shirt with my always-on-the-go slippers. But I changed my mind, instead I went to the party wearing a flared black skirt and a tinted short-sleeves shirt with my black 4 inches high heels with studs. Not to mention my make up. ^_^

Yeah I know, I'm a party animal. Friends would tell me, "you never get tired of dancin', eh?" I just nod and smile.
So like we're dancing on the dance floor after having 3 bottles of beer. But I wasn't drunk. I noticed these two guys dancing behind us. Then the other guy was about to touch my hips so I grabbed my girl friend and we stayed dancing on the corner of the dance floor.But this naughty guy kept on coming to us. He's a bit flirty. Oh no! I mean he's annoyingly flirty. Though he's a good looking guy I just can't stand seeing him around me.

I went to bed but my eyes were still opened. I can't sleep after 5 bottles of beers and heavy dancing. I was thinking why do we have those kind of men? What were they thinking to do such things? Do they think that party goers are bitches? I had so many questions in my head. I felt like I have to defend myself and voice out what's inside me. I'd like to tell them that not every girls found in a party, drinking beers with a cigarette between their fingers are easy-to-get. Not every women who wears sexy outfit are bitch. And most of all, I speak for all the women in the world, we are not partying to find someone who'll lay us down on bed. We party to tell the world that women are beautiful, women have rights, and women just wanna have fun! derp <3

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