Friday, December 3, 2010

Chicken Plucking from the East (+)

 I would like to share an added information regarding the chicken plucking around the Eastern Europe where you can gain a reasonable experience and ducats in just a few runs.

This is only an additional info to get more chickens to pluck.

Materials you Need:

The book where you can turn eggs in to chicken or duck. This can be obtained from Salonica or Benghazi by investing 200,000 Ducats.

After obtaining the book you can now proceed in plucking chickens. To increase the number of chickens to pluck you can buy eggs from Trieste (the country near Venice) Turn the eggs into chickens sometimes it may become a duck but majority about 80% will be chicken by using the book.

Learn how to pluck chickens here.

Hope this will help you in your journey in Uncharted Waters Online.

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