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Geography and Biology (Mini guide) by Daemon

Source: Geography and Biology (Mini guide)

So, after doing that adventurer schooling you want to get in the deepness of the adventuring UWO has? I'll write down some little advices for those 2 skills that involves lot of tripping, and for some people are hard to work.This mini guide is intended for people that want to solo the adventuring and grab a friend or two when they have a cool quest to share. It's not intended to be a farm guide.

First and more important of all:

Advantages of this 2 awesome skills:

- Take 2 slots each. Geography being Recognition and Geo. Biology being Ecological research and Bio.
- Good quests, Geo ends up unlocking several Bio quests, easy to rank, good exp and most important, good easy boosters!
- Classes are easy. Helmsperson and Biologist. No need to complicate your life doing long quests for a job card.
- As Helmsperson you have Steering and Sail Handling as favoured skills too, which are 2 important skills for any class


- Geo doesnt have good items as rewards comparing to Arch or Treasure. Bio does have some interesting stuff.
- Long tripping. Dont expect to talk to 2 guys and walk into a outskirt for a 2 min discovery.
- Lots of the good quests are outside europe, so be prepared to be on open seas!

Now talking about boosters. This is IMPORTANT!


Galileo-Style Telescope: +2 Recognition. Goes in weapon slot. Famagusta Church R3 Search. You can also buy it from other people. Important of this booster, is that it never loses dura, unless you use his ability (which is Recognition, duh)

Sextant: +2 Geography. Goes in weapon slot too (oh noes! what do? I'll explain this later). Beirut Mosque R3 search. Never loses dura unless you use his ability (dont use it, it's surveying!)

Basically this is how you're gonna do it. If you happen to spawn a quest or get a map and you dont have the required skills, for example you have recognition 3 and Geography 4+2, and you get a 4recog 6geo quest, dont panic. What you're gonna do is the next thing. First reach the spot to do the discovery. Equip your Galileo Telescope (now you have 3+2 recognition), use recognition skill and quick go to equip and equip your Sextant to get the 4+2 Geo again to be able to identify the discovery. If you're quick enough (doesn't require you to be ULTRA fast) you will be able to do the quest with no problem at all.

The ideal Geography ranking is doing ALL the discoveries. Basically go up north sea, and do all the geo quests you find, only 1 time each. Then move to West Europe, then to East Europe, then to Carib (I leveled a lot doing all the carib geo quests), then to Africa (Saint Georges - Cape Town - Zanzibar), then to the Aden-Calicut quests. You will see that normally the african quests tend to carry you even closer to the Aden zone, and then you will start getting Aden to Calicut and Calicut to Aden (zones that is) quests. I suggest you to do all the europe/carib quests before heading to the Africa/India zone.

North sea are has like 18 quests or so, 15 of them all being low ranked quests, so it's a good place to start. Carib has around 10 quests, starting from 2 recog 4 geo, and ending up at 6 recog 8 geo. So go there when you have enough ranks to do all the quests. Saint George has 4 quests, starting from 3 recog 5 geo, and ending at 5 recog 7 geo. Cape Town has around 12-14 quests. Starting from 1 recog 3 geo, ending at 4 recog 6 geo. Aden/Zanzibar/Calicut has like 20+ quests, ranging from 1/3 to 6/8.

The highest rank quests are diseminated thru the world (There is a 9/11 at Seville for example). But most of them are not in the game yet, until Asia/South America is in the game.


Lots of boosters down here, and they lose dura, so you will have to be careful when using this ones.

Silver Mirror: +2 Biology. Search R5 in a landpoint on the west coast of Red Sea. Also comes out from a Treasure Appraisal map that is obtained in Marseilles and opened in Beirut outskirts (Search 3 Unlock 3)

Golden Scarab: +2 Biology. Search 5, Theo 7, Unlock 5 (Quest name: Ancient Egyptian amulets) it's a not so easy to do quest for several people and requires to have discovered Giza Pyramids before. But you're reading this guide and you have Unlock 4 and Recognition 4 (dunno where you got the unlock tho) So you get a Geography map at Naples (requires Geography 4 to get it also, altho you wont need at R4 to open it) and discover at East Mediterrean Sea.

Iron-wired hunting net: adds +1 eco research and never loses dura unless used (eco research effect). This item can be found by searching the stone table (you can see it slightly south east standing from entrance) in the landing south of Benghazi.

The whole idea is exactly the same as Geography. You will do all the quests you can BUT, this time you will be adding lots of maps. And trust me when I say LOTS OF MAPS. So you will need a huge space in inventory (remember you can also move the maps in the store part of the inventory, that's extra 16 slots for your maps and craft books!)

Start at North Sea, etc etc. Exactly the same, you will end up at Africa, then Aden and then doing loops between Aden/Calicut to do the discoveries. But this time, be prepared Biology has 560 discoveries awaiting for you! Some will be at Sea (Marine Creatures) others at Landpoints (Plants, Birds, Small/Medium/Large creatures and even fossils!)

There are a couple of biology quests (mainly the related with marine creatures) that requires you to discover the place with a geography quest before, but that wont be a problem because you did the geo part, didnt you?! :)

And here you will get a couple of quests with some good items to get as rewards, for example:

7/9 quest at Calicut for a clothes with +1 Procure +1 Collection with 100 durability.

5/7 quest at London/Stockholm/Amsterdam for an accesory with +1 textile trade.

5/7 quest at London/Amsterdam/Lisbon/Seville for an accesory with +1 crafts trade and +1 wares trading (Apollo Brooch)

The bear set is obtained with Bio quests too, also the Jaguar set, the Chamaleon head ( which looks amazing having a golden frog in your head :o )

Two extra things I want to add after all this:

1) Geography CAN give you nice items. But needs unlock too, and they all come from maps (Like the Golden Scarab, but other stuff can be obtained that way).

2) This is huge. Geo and Bio ends up earning a lot of discoveries, which is good, because when you pass the 300 discoveries mark you start getting 25% extra EXP on rediscoveries (2nd, 3rd, 4th etc times you do the quest or the map).

For example: First time XP from a 5/7 Geo quest at Carib. 473xp for first time. 236xp for discovering. 150xp and 170 fame for reporting. You will get an extra 200-300xp by sailing to the place of the discovery and coming back. So it's 859xp+sailing exp.

Doing it after the first time with < 300 discoveries. 236xp for discovering. 150xp/170fame for reporting. 386xp+sailing exp.

Doing it after the first time with 300 discoveries. 236xp for discovering. 59xp for 300 discoveries. 150xp/170fame for reporting. 445+sailing exp.

After 300 discoveries the % starts growing, but the minimum to get extra xp is 300.

You can check the extra % here . Starting from 25% with 300, and ending up at 69% with 1450 !

Good luck with your adventuring! And dont doubt to PM me in game if you need help with a quest (IGN: Daemon)

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