Friday, October 15, 2010

Eastern Europe Fast Ducats/Fame/Exp

 This guide is for players that wants to increase the level of their Trade.

You will need things to execute this one. These are:

1. Livestock Trading Rank 2

2. Fabric Secrets - Hardwares (can be bought in Item Shop -Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Marseille, Seville, Venice)

3. Sewing Rank 2

4. Foods for Vigour

Trade Route: (Eastern Europe - Venice starters can get an advantage)

Zadar to Ancona (Vice-Versa)

Goods To Buy:

Chicken (Zadar & Ancona) 

Goat (Zadar)

Things to do:

Pluck the chicken and Process the goat to obtain Feather and MoHair respectively.

Sell the Feathers/MoHairs in Ancona. Feathers will give you additional trade experience and fame while Mohairs got a high selling value. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with your Trade level/Fame or Ducats earned.

PS: Try to pluck chickens as many as you can to produce many feathers before selling it to obtain more exp and fame.

Note: To save up in using foods for vigour try to visit the Taverns and buy some food and drinks. Also, give some drinks to your sailors to increase their loyalty.


Have Fun!