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How to become a Chef in UWO

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A Chef is an intermediate job of a merchant. It specializes in cooking higher dishes that gives higher vigour and less fatigue to crew members and sometimes it can cure some negative buffs.

Level Required:

Total Level : 36

Adventure Level: 10

Trade Level : 20

It means that Adventure and Trade Level should be exactly or higher than stated above.


Adventure: 10

Trade: 20

Battle: 6

You can now get the Chef quest.

Job Quest Title: Procure Food for Soldiers

Reward: 60,000 ducats and Chef License

Where to get the Quest?: Stockholm

Required Skills: Cooking Rank 5 and Nordic Language

Things to do:

The quest will ask you to provide 200 pcs. of Wine Steamed Cod and give it to the Port official of Stockholm.

How to make a Wine steam Cod?:
Skills Needed:

Fishing Rank 3

Handicraft Rank 3

Books Needed:

Brewing Secrets (Cagliari, reward after 320,000D in investment; Hamburg)

North Sea Seafood (London)

Get Cod fish through fishing in the south of Oslo or somewhere in Northern Europe and Wine can be bought to Bordeaux. With your Handicraft skill Rank 3 you can turn Prunes which also available in Bordeaux into wine by using the Brewing Secrets book.

Some Tips

- Gather first the 200 Wine steam cod before getting the quest.

- Collect as many Cod fish as you can like around 120 then proceed to Bordeaux to process the dish. Since you can make 2-3 dish by processing it.

- Optional: You can get the Frugality skill to lessen the rations to your crew to save food and water while fishing. Also, Procurement skill can help you when it is raining to gather water.

- Turn all other fish into food when needed.

- Rodent Killer stack some of this item to prevent rats from eating your fish.

- Stack up foods for vigour since you will spend lots of time in the middle of the sea.

I will update this post once I get some more tips to share.

Gooluck in becoming a Chef! :D

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