Sunday, March 20, 2011

Uncharted Waters Online Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips for Uncharted Waters Online, it may come in handy once you read this one.

- The higher your court rank the larger the safe capacity.

- Whenever the total level becomes +5 collect presents from Level Supporter NPCs around town.

- You can produce food items that recovers vigour with cooking skills.

- Use the purchase order to reset purchasable amount of trade goods.

- Talk to the NPCs around the city mansion to learn new skills.

- When the ship's durability is low use repair skill to recover.

- Open a bazaar anywhere anytime by going to Community -> Bazaar.

- Click on the person icon on the bottom right of the chat window to gesture.

- Travel on auto-sailing mode by using sail control skill. In auto-sailing mode, ship's speed comes up to fastest speed.

- To read a book in the archives you need a relative language skill or interpretation from other sailor.

- A single bank interest payment can be no higher than 5,000 ducats.

- Buy the tavern girl a drink to give her a gift.

- Increase friendliness with tavern girl buy giving her a gift.  When the relation gets intimate the tavern girl will report quest results to outside areas (except school quests).

- If you are afraid you might get lost in the outskirts, purchase marking ribbons in advance. Using the item will get you back to the entrance immediately.

- See a list of guilds that are currently recruiting at the Company Administration Office.

- Use rescue skill or lifesavers item to recover from shipwreck and continue sailing.

- Use fishing skill or fish bate item at sea, or at shore to start fishing.

- Use the bell of withdrawal item during a melee battle to escape.

- To speak to a higher ranking NPC you must be dressed above a certain formality level.

- Open the mini-map by pressing Ctrl + G key at any city. Click on the mini map icon to instantly move to the location.

- Using the caution skill while sailing will reduce the chances of raides/ambushes.

- A fleet can consist up to five people. Try forming a fleet with your friends!

- When the sail is damaged use the spare sail to continue with the voyage.

- When rats invade the ship during a voyage use rodent killer for rodent control.

- When the ship catches on fire use fire fighting skills or fire buckets to extinguish.

- When the wheel is damaged use the spare rudder wheel to continue the voyage.

- When a fight breaks out amongst the sailors use command skill or Cat-o'-nine-tails to settle the brawl.

- When the deck is dirty use a deck brush to clean.

- If the sailors are suffering from insomnia use the hammock so that they can sleep peacefully and solve the problem.

- Certain items are required to change jobs. These items are available only after completing certain quests.

- General skill's limit is 10 while favoured skills can be up to 15.

- The experience points to extend a favoured skill rank is only half that of a general skill.

- Press the C key to see more information on the characters.

- You can register up to seven battle cannons. Designate each cannon to keys F1 to F7 to fire.

- When purchasing trade good hold down the Ctrl key to buy the maximum amount.

- High fame or national events will grant you extra entry permits.

- Battle fame can be acquired by winning a battle (Sea or Land) against NPCs.

- Hire an aide through a barkeep at any tavern.

- Certain treasure chests need unlocking skills to open.

- Raise the sail by using Insert key or lower using by Delete key.

- Use the Numlock key to keep moving forward automatically at sea and on land.

- Giving an item to the aide will only change its appearance. The option of item will not apply.

- When drunk sit on the floor or chair for quick recovery.

- You cannot use the liner when the ship is loaded with trade goods or if you have taken up a quest with time limits.

- Use first aid kit during sea battle to recover some of the lost sailors during that battle.

- When there is a leak in the ship using the pail can to prevent from sinking.

- Use the carillon bells to ease the sailors' homesickness.

- Use the lime juice item to cure the sailors' scurvy.

- Use the shanty score to soothe the sailors' anxiety.

- The first aide is available for hiring when a certain level reaches 20.

- When you are unable to join school chat due to a participant number restriction go to a designated job instructor and go to Class Register -> Join to enter the chat room. (upon available spot.)

- When you are unable to speak to an NPC due to language barriers ask another user to forma fleet with you. If the other fleet member has the language skill you require the conversation will be automatically interpreted.

- You must share a common language to invite the user to join your fleet.
     You can choose to hire the user through recruit fleet option.

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