Monday, March 7, 2011

UWO's New Update: Ankor

Uncharted Waters Online announced that they are going release a new update which named "ANKOR Update". It will open new regions of the world to be explore by players. A new battle system that will spice up the game of those who loves sea battles and raise the flag of their nations. Also, an event where you can follow the route of a famous adventurer which is Ferdinand Magellan.

● Regional Expansion

South East Asia reveals its mysterious legends. Unique architecture and village will entertain players, and new quests of searching ruins of Angkor Wat will begin. Also, South Pacific and Oceania routes will open to show its charming and beautiful wildness.

● New Naval Battle System

 All countries will fight for the control of the sea starting on 15th of every month. This battle will go on for 7 days straight, and qualified player can recruit best Battle Ships of their country as their crew. Maximum 10 vs. 10 battle is possible, and winning crew will receive special rewards and advantages. Spontaneously emerging battles of the open sea is a noticeable feature of Uncharted Waters Online.

● World Tour Challenge

Open sea of South Pacific enables to follow the sail routes of Magellan who is known as the very first man to have sailed around the world. Along with the world tour mission, players will encounter more challenging and rewarding quests.


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