Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trader Final Exam (Beginner)

Below is about the Trader Final Exam (Beginner)quest, which is the last lesson in the beginner trade class at in the Beginner's School.

※ This quest is for trade only, so you will have this quest only when you have chosen
    the Trade Class.

In the  quest, you'll learn how to check the market prices of trade goods and how to sell them. You can complete the quest simply by obtaining information from certain NPCs.

The NPCs you need to meet in order to complete the quest are as follows:

◈ Quest Strategy

* 1st Step: To benefit from trade goods

    >>  Instructor Alan NPC (in front of the School)

* 2nd Step: Final examination

    >>  Instructor Alan NPC (in front of the Market)

* 3rd Step: Test for beginners' commerce course

    >>  Market Keeper NPC (Market)

* 4th Step: Meeting peddlers again
    >>  Travelling Merchant NPC (Refer to the table below)
School Location
Locations of Travelling Merchant NPCs
Seville, Lisbon
In front of Faro Market
In front of Trieste Market
In front of Montpellier Market
In front of Groningen Market
In front of Dover Market

* 5th Step: Trade completed

* 6th Step: Passed the final examination
    >>  Instructor Alan NPC (In front of the market in the requested city.)

* Complete Info: Completed Beginning Business

It's very easy to complete the quest since the quest can be completed by simply talking
to certain NPCs as required according to the progress of the quest.

You have learned how to do the Trader Final Exam (Beginner) quest so far.
This is about it.  I hope you can also complete the Trader course (Beginner) with this guide.

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