Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pirate's Eye Patch

Have you ever wondered why most pirate captains or crews have an eye patch? Well I do, so I searched for some information and while I’m looking for valid reason I came across a joke thread which I was intrigue because the topic starter said the he already found the reason of pirates wearing an eye patch. Here’s what he posted in his thread:

A pirate captain walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while. What happened, you look terrible!"

"What do you mean?" the pirate captain replies, "I'm fine."

The bartender says, "But what about that wooden leg? You didn't have that before."

"Well," says the pirate captain, "We were in a battle at sea and a cannon ball hit my leg but the surgeon fixed me up, and I'm fine, really."

"Yeah," says the bartender, "But what about that hook? Last time I saw you, you had both hands."

"Well," says the pirate captain, "We were in another battle and we boarded the enemy ship. I was in a sword fight and my hand was cut off but the surgeon fixed me up with this hook, and I feel great, really."

"Oh," says the bartender, "What about that eye patch? Last time you were in here you had both eyes."

"Well," says the pirate captain, "One day when we were at sea, my parrot flew above me. I looked up, then suddenly he dropped a crap on my eye."

"So?" replied the bartender, "what happened? You couldn't have lost an eye just from some bird crap!"

"Well," says the pirate captain, "I really wasn't used with the hook yet."  

I laughed hard after reading it. Until now while I’m writing this one I can’t still erase the big smile on my face. I hope this will make your day because it made mine.

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