Thursday, September 16, 2010

Geek Mind Extra

Found a cool mini-game earlier this morning. I was like browsing and I saw this from a forum site.

The title of the game is Geek Mind Extra. It was created by DOM2D. However, the creator had a site before but when I visited it today. He said that he already transferred his game through Kongregate because He will be closing his site because of badwidth issues.

Basically, The game will test your gaming knowledge from all gaming platforms like PC, XBOX, PlayStation, SNES, SEGA, and more. The mechanics of the game is to guess as many games as you can before the time runs out (60 seconds). For every correct answer you will gain 10 seconds. Each correct answer will give points starting from 200 at first levels when you reach a certain score the difficulty will be increase and you will gain more points once your answer is correct. If ever you are stuck and doesn't know the title of the game there is a "Skip" button that you can use but it will deduct 25 points on your total score.

This game is simple but very entertaining. However, I find it repetitive sometimes when you actually played the game for several times you can memorize the answers instantly but from the looks of it. The creator already added some new levels. I'll give credit for the creator doing this kind of game. Well, since I don't know how to create one. :)

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