Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Things Other MMORPGs Have But Uncharted Waters Online

#1 Town Portal


Most of recent MMORPGs stand their “infinite map size” as their one of greatest features. However, developers already acknowledge that this huge map is not preferable to users, play-wise, so this resulted in many Town Portal skills, items, or etc.
Uncharted Waters Online, however, offers players to encounter more realistic view and down-to-earth experience. There is no instant transport from Europe to India; rather UWO requires players a determination to fight against life-threatening journey. Players will be rewarded by each step they make and each sail they set.

#2 Autobots 


One of the highly controversy features of MMORPGs is ‘Autobots.’ Games are made for fun and they should be dynamic. However, MMORPG requires some continuous duties similar to our routinized and tedious life, and this might lead players to feel less entertaining about the game. One solution to get away this repetitive monster-hunting is to use Autobots. However, Autobots has a bad reputation because it is known to break an in-game economic system, but some game companies intentionally overlook this, covertly promote this, or even publically sell this as their paid item. Uncharted Waters Online respects a sophisticated economic system, and there is no way to run Autobots. Economic system of UWO is sorely built by players’ activities, at least until now.

#3 Health Point (HP)


Upper left corner of most of MMORPGs is occupied with HP and MP bars. Players only have the control over their single avatar that representing your-self.
However, UWO players operate more dynamic controls over their Ships, Sailors, and Vigour that is similar to the combination of MP and HP. During the sail, a player will act as a captain who has a full control navigating the ocean. This might be confusing at the beginning, but this makes players to adopt a tactical strategy and carry out attention-grabbing game play.

#4 Character Stats


Level up; Gained bonus stats 5 points to allocate; Automatically allocated stats to STR, DEF, DXT, AGL, or etc. These already make you imagine very typical scenes in MMORPGs.

NO STATS in UWO! UWO only have 3 kinds of levels; Adventure, Trade, and Battle. Beside level system, there are lots of skills you can learn and master. Combination of you levels and skills differentiate your character from others. Players often say that playing UWO is all about managing skills. Among hundreds of skills, players need to choose right skills to develop their character, which ultimately express your-self. When Uncharted Waters Online CBT opens, check out the various skills first and see how diversified strategic game-play is waiting ahead of you.

#5 Fields



No Field in Uncharted Waters Online. Unlike other MMORPGs where all the game-plays take place in fields, Uncharted Waters Online brings this onto ocean. The ocean is the unified place for all activities as Exploring, Searching for items, and even confronting NPC. Both PvP and RvR take place on the ocean as well. Therefore, in UWO, SHIP performs a more crucial part than just a mean of transportation comparing to other MMOPRGs where transportation skill is only optional; as horses or wyverns. Your SHIP indicates your wealth, game level, fame, and job-types. You will be amazed by many well-known historic ships you confront while sailing.

Imagine a Gigantic Clipper passing by you while you are desperately sailing in a small Barca against headwind. You might want to shout out, "Master! Can you give me a ride?"

#6 The best and fastest single path


There is no single, best, fastest path to level up in Uncharted Waters Online. There are infinite numbers of routes, which is the most distinctive feature of the game. Theoretically, there are millions of trade routes and millions of skill combination choices, so it is difficult to duplicate others' play pattern. Japanese and Korean UWO players are still investigating for new profitable trading routes.

However, beginners might feel this distinctive feature as a barrier, especially those who have never played games with freedom of play. Just like in reality, where School Education is required in early stage of your life, UWO players also will be guided to Maritime Schools to learn the basic skills of Sailing, Adventure, Trade, and Battle. Without being prepared upon graduation, players will be lost in total freedom not knowing what to do next. However, if you are not fond of "Education", you can just skip everything and go out to the ocean. What do you prefer?

#7 DirectX 10


We agree. Not having DirectX 10, the high quality graphic could be a weak point, especially for the game that is releasing in 2010. However, we believe that stunning graphic is not a standard to measure the success of MMORPG. If you are pursuing fascinating graphic and effects only, we would recommend a console game. The strength of MMORPG is not to feel the graphic effects and actions but to develop your strategy and to build up the relationship with millions of other players from the world. In MMORPGs, you can do more than just being a single player; reveal your personal insights and values; build up friendship; debating; make your own community and history. Particularly, in Uncharted Waters Online, players from the world who have the different backgrounds will collaborate in the same timeline of 15th century of ancient Europe.
Fully equipped rifles and vivid scenes of shooting are not all about enjoying MMORPG. Uncharted Waters Online will introduce a different way to enjoy MMORPG, having some chill but sophisticated chats about their nations and cities. How does that sound?

#8 Dragons and Trolls


Brave hunting elf with special bows and arrows. fighting against dragons and trolls might fulfill your heroic fantasy. However, how long would they grab your attention? After playing a few of them, you might not feel so strong about mysterious castles anymore. What’s been missing? Feasibility of “Storyline.” it is.

Unlike other MMORPGs, Uncharted Waters Online depicts only the features that probable in real life. With Uncharted Waters Online, players will experience fighting against local pirates on the real oceans and lands. Storyline unfolds in very feasible fashion in different time frame. Players might feel living in ancient nations simulating the life of real people back then. Sort of speak, UWO is MMORPG, but its gameplay and user experience are closer to a simulation game. Feasibility of storyline truly makes UWO distinctive.

#9 Enemies and Friends



Just like in real life, there is no fixed or rigid relationship in UWO. It changes every day and every night. There is no firm category in any UI or system, but there are lots of diplomatic and strategic alliances going on behind the scene. Today's enemy nation or company becomes tomorrow’s friends. This is because of 6 fraction systems (6 nations you can begin with) of UWO, which is very big number of fraction in MMORPG. Most of other MMORPGs are either Single Fraction (PvE only game), Double Fractions (Horde and Alliance) or Triple Fractions (Romance of Three Kingdom). It would be very fun to watch Great Sea Fight but what more fun will be "Great Diplomatic Talks" behind the fight.

#10 Community Barrier

Uncharted Waters Online players are accessed from 169 different countries, which provide an open community where players can encounter various people with different cultural backgrounds. Most of other MMORPGs tend to restrict areas where players can connect from. In UWO, players sail around the world and actually meet people who are physically from other regions, and this makes their game experience more special. UWO is designed to be a universal platform, and we enjoy serving players with various backgrounds. This open platform enables players to unfold a range of stories in the game. UWO Story is not made by us or game, it is made by real human, YOU.


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