Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is MTV 2010!!!

Everyone is waiting for this on different sites. Everybody is thrilled to see the whole video of the said event. I, myself, waited for this and the first thing I did was to look at the best dresses. Of course! fashion comes first on my list. ^_^ It was exciting. Though I was a bit disappointed because of the year's fashion statement of those artists in the award's night, Lady Gaga didn't fail to surprise me..

Besides perfume, I also have weakness on shoes. I took some pictures from MTV sites. These is what I like about MTV awards. YEAH!!!

This is gross!
I must admit that this is a very fascinating and shocking fashion of the year. I would totally appreciate the whole aspect of the fashion if it wasn't a real meat. But when I found out that this was made with a real matambre, there is no doubt that this fashion is gross.

This is weird!
It looks like a cosmic shoes from the galaxy!

This is ugly!
I don't think I can wear this in a party. Aside from the part that it's ugly I don't like it too.

This is elegant!
I have one of this. Very similar to this heels but it's gray in color. Black will always be elegant, sexy, and hot!
This is cute!
The stars made the heels more awesome and nice. In my opinion, I don't think the heels is compatible to Katy's dress.

This is gorgeous!
I've seen this in her Bad Romance's video. I've seen this in some fashion show. It may seem very uncomfortable. But yeah! I like it so much. I have a pair of heels with the same skin. But it's a gray one. If ever I'm gonna buy this, I might just put it in my furniture stand.

This is fail!
 Minaj and the other girl went to the VMA with the same brand and design of shoes. I find it epic fail!

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