Friday, March 4, 2011

UWO Tarot Cards and their Effects

Uncharted Waters Online has a tarot card system it is available on some NPCs. This feature can be a great helpful but not most of the time. Fortune Telling has two sides that Negative and Positive. So to know more about the random card that you got and what's the effect of it. Take a look at these:

The Magician
Effect: Production of items big success probability rises, Effective for 5 minutes.

Effect: Production all the necessary power -1.

Effect: Skill gain proficiency increases.

The Pope
Effect: Vigour recovery increases.

Effect: Gifts will show more pleased: better than usual when talking to Bar Girls.

Effect: Various attacks effect increased

Effect: Prevents abnormal state to happen and increased crew skill.

The Hermit
Effect: Exploration and Collection increased.

The Wheel of Fortune
Effect: Effect disappears, regardless of the sea or land area, can pick up goods or commodities.

Effect: Body Language improved

Hanged Man
Effect: Food and Water consumption increases.

Effect: Scurvy increases.

Effect: Negative effect where you're crew steals trade goods.

Effect: Fatigue loss increases.

Effect: Chances of your ship to leak increases.

Effect: Sailing at sea reduces natural disasters to occur

The Moon
Effect: Crew members abnormal state may occur.

The Sun
Effect: Crew fatigue loss reduction increases.

Effect: Reduce damage but Increases durability

The World
Effect: Gain Exp by 20%

Effect: Random Effect

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