Monday, October 18, 2010

Finding Columbus' Golden Treasure

In Uncharted Waters Online, They are celebrating Columbus Day by the means of having an event. The event will let you experience the sea route of Christopher Columbus starting from Spain across the Caribbean sea to learn the whereabouts of the Golden Treasure that he had lost when battling his way back to his homeland.

Here's a detailed info of the journey.

First, you will need to go to Seville (Main City of Spain) and proceed to the Palace and talk to Marquis Fernando which will give you [3]Latin America East Coast Temporary Permit which you need to enter the towns in the Latin America Area.

Once you got all the items head to the port and go to Las Palmas, a village from the south of Seville. Enter then talk to Ramon which is located just below the port guide of that town. Ramon will give you [5]Food and Water Stocks. Once you use 1 of it, it will give you 100 Food and Water for your journey.

Now off to a long journey you will be heading to Havana, stock up Food and Water 1st. and proceed west of the Las Palmas. Just head straight and let me remind you. The area is hostile waters which is in other games is a PVP area. You can be attacked by other countries ships and most of all get ambushed by pirates. That is why it is preferrable to create a fleet or party with your friends or players that are doing the quest for more safer journey across the sea.

Once you reach Havana, use [1]Latin America East Coast Temporary Permit to enter and talk to Baba and he will tell you to talk to Abel which is on San Juan. Keep talking to him until he gives you 20 Papaya(Food for vigour). Remember that you only have [3] permits so do not waste it.

Once you are finished in Havana head to San Juan and use again a permit to enter then talk to Abel. Keep talking to him until he says that you need to seek pirates that are in the island of Azores.

After you are done in San Juan, You will now need to travel North East of your location to locate the Island of Azores. Once there you will need to defeat pirate sergio in order to obtain information regarding Columbus' Treasure. If you are victorious go back to Seville and talk to Marquis Fernando for your reward.

Hope this guide can help you with your journey. The event will end on October 31, 2010.

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