Friday, November 5, 2010

Default Key Settings of UWO

I would like to share the default keyboard settings of Uncharted Waters Online. However, you can still edit it which depends on your gaming style.

Z = Search

X = Skill

C = Character Info

V = Ship Info

B = Ship Parts

N = Cargo

M = Map

A = Rotate Camera to Left

S = Move Backward

D = Rotate Camera to Right

F = Say

H = Shout

J = Party Chat

L = Friends List

Q = Quest Logs

W = Move Forward

E = Event Quest Logs

T = Discoveries

U = PM/Tell

I = Equipment

O = Inventory

P = ChatRoom

Console(`) = Use Custom Slots

Tab = Next Target (Closest)

PageDown = Zoom out

PageUp = Zoom in

Home = Center View

Numlock = Auto Run (Land Only)

F8 = Emotions

F9 = Use Skill

F10 = Use Item

F11 = Settings

F12 = Quit Game

Note: The game can let you edit the shortcut keys, here's how:

First, click on the System Icon on the upper right of your screen. Then click "Shortcuts"

After that, a new window will appear which enables you to put a command on any of the function keys. Just select a function key and click Change to choose a command.

Well, that's all. Hope I could add some knowledge to your gaming style.

Extra Keys:

Escape = Hold this key it will make players disappear (only applicable when on land)

Ctrl + I = Taking Screen shots w/out the GUI
Ctrl + O = Taking  Screen shots but you will not see any bazaar tab
Ctrl + P or Print Screen = Taking Normal Screen shots

Ctrl + W = Move Camera Upward

Ctrl + S = Move Camera Downward

Ctrl + J = Change Character

Ctrl + H = Nation Shout (still not sure but the command that will appear will be /nshout)

Ctrl + G = Enlarge Street Map

Ctrl + F = Sit

Good Luck and Happy Sailing!

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