Friday, September 10, 2010

"My Top 5 Exotic Foods"

My mom always tells me that I'm a very meticulous type of person. I become stagy in every situation and events. Sometimes I'm trying to control such characteristics and I'm learning to accept things I used to reject when it didn't pass my taste. When it comes to food, I grew as a person knowing that all I can eat was meat. Then I had hematochezia so I was pushed to eat vegetables and fruits. Well, I learned to enjoy my decision of eating those. Aside from eating meat, veggies, or fruits, society cannot hide the fact that there are other uncommon or rare foods that we eat. I made a list of exotic foods I had eaten and those that I will never attempt of tasting.

"Isaw and Betamax"
(Chicken's Intestine and Gelatinous Pig's Blood)

Well, I can still eat these, what they call, the "street food". It's delicious and you can even partner it with beer. If you see an actual process of making an isaw, you will know why it is exotic and dirty. People should be reminded that uncleaned intestine will result to hepatitis.

"Fried Frog/Frog Legs"

I experienced dissecting a frog when I went to college and it was gross. I told myself, that I will not eat a frog meat even though they say it taste like chicken. Then there was this time when I attended a gathering and we went to the market to buy food that we can cook to match up with beers. I didn't know that they bought frog legs. They deep-fried it and cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce. I didn't have a choice but to eat what was prepared in the party. I remember my face reaction when I was about to bite a piece of meat frog. It looked like I was tortured to eat the frog. But I tell you, the meat is tastier compared to chicken's.

"Native Chicken"

Here's what they look like. Very innocent. All they know is to lay eggs. They are not those chicken we usually eat everyday. Because these chickens are what they call a pet. Actually, you can still eat it the way you eat an ordinary chicken meat. I included it on my exotic food lists because until now I can't force myself to eat this. Adults said this type of chicken are healthier than what we can buy inside the market. The fact that you take care of these animals for months such as feeding them, giving them vitamins and see them grow in your yard, how can a human being be able to eat your pet?

chickens to be slaughtered  
chicken's neck was slit to get the blood

they will be immersed in a hot water so that their feather can pluck easily

It may tastes good but I can't eat it.

I can't stop imagining a live and breathing animal in the dining table when this is being served.

"Soup No.5"

A soup which primary ingredients are bull's testicles, penis and/or testes. Most men like to eat this because they believe that it's an aphrodisiac. A love potion that keeps them going when they're doing "it" with their wife. I haven't eaten this stuff and I'm not planning to even take a sip.


I respect those people who can eat this poor baby as if they're just eating a yummy burger. Thanks if someone would ask me to eat this. But I'm sorry I can't even take a look at it!

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