Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Top 3 MMORPG Class/Job

I was trying to create new character earlier this morning but I was having a problem on what to choose. And it came into my mind what was the classes or jobs that I used to play with or take the role of it when I'm playing an MMORPG. There are 3 classes/jobs that I normally choose.


Well as we all know this is the most basic job/class that a player will choose and it is easy to manipulate or to control. They have high attacks, high def and high HP/life. They can stay longer in the battlefield compared to others that needs to go back to town for some healing. Also, this jobs/classes most of the time (graphic wise) has the best gears or items with their long and huge swords or axe together with their bulky and heavy armors. It is an eye candy for gamers. This guys are called the "Tank" in a party, frontliners of the guild. They always took the most number of damage because they are hard to bring down. This is the most balance character in an MMORPG (imho).


Do you like to take down your enemy from afar? well, this classes/jobs are your bestfriends. Able to shoot arrows, set traps, sneak attacks. Well, in some games they do not rely on Bow and Arrows only. Some can weild two daggers like an Assassin but they can do both ways. With their high agility that can dodge most of the enemies attacks, some can able to use a companion or a pet to aid them in their battle. The only downside is the lack of HP/life/defense that is why if ever they will be hit they won't last long. Controlling this kind of character needs a strategy.


Normally, I use to choose this kinds of characters later in a certain game because they are the most challenging classes/jobs in every game. They have low HP/life/defense but the good side is that they have the highest magic attack. Casting spells or magics that can blow up an entire party, can manipulate elements and use them as an offensive or defensive skills. Casting time of each spell or magic may take some time but its worth it when you see your enemies fall down after a massive energy burst through them. Using this characters really needs a companion to be able to stay longer during a clash.

Well, there you go. I did not include the healers or buffers because I'm really an offensive type user. Heals and Buff are not my type because some gamers always took them for granted and they always blame them when a party was destroyed by a mob or another party. But I also want to give credit to those that uses this kind of characters. They have the patience and skills. Kudos!

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